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being donation" behavio

ed the Eagle's Nest junior high school principals Zhang, he told Dahe reporter, recently, the Zhengzhou city government advocating relevant units of donated funds equivalent to one day expenses or savings funds, to promote active cadres and workers donate one day's income. 18, the Eagle's Nest township government held a "Charity Day" fundraising mobilization meeting, called on schools to act. "I got the notice, to send text messages informed."Zhang said at the time did not consider the words, there may be some teachers misunderstood his meaning. He said that the donation is entirely voluntary, 30 yuan donation does not mean the bottom line, but the school teacher one day, the average wage, "probably still a little lower than the average wag  nike air penny 1 for sale  e." Zhang said that we could donate $ 10, you can donate $ 50, the amount of limitation, nor compulsory.For users reported not donate will withhold performance pay, Zhang denied the spot: "This situation does not exist." He said, donations of funds obtained will be sent to the Eagle's Nest Township, District of unity, summarized and handed over by the township government.19, the Eagle's Nest township government staff Liu Yanan also confirmed to reporters on the 18th, they did notify all units began donations, donations of all funds obtained, unified summary sent to the new city after all Charity, the relevant amount will be in the public notice column for publicity.Survey57.5% users who have been "forced to donate," the minimum amount rangi

ng from 50 to 1,000 yuanYesterday morning, the reporter through Dahe Dahe official QQ: 800096211 interactive platform for the "forced donations" conduct an investigation. As of yesterday, 18 points, a total of 165 users participated in the survey. Among them, 57.5% users encountered unit "forced donations", 2.5% of users said that specifies the minimum amount of units, some to his position to specify the donation amount. Reporters rough statistics, the minimum required amount ranging from 50 to 1,000 yuan. The units of the organization contributions in full compliance with the principles of voluntary and only 26 percent.User Tucao Lan Wind: Our unit day requirement in donations this year, each at least donate 100. Do not donate it, fear of   nike soldier 6 cheap  other people that did not love, not afford to donate money, but once the compulsory contributions, I feel uncomfortable. Duplicity: Outside units duties grade fixed donation amount, the level of 500 yuan, 300 yuan section level, general cadre 100 yuan. Forgive me not your goddess: high school, school organization donations after the teacher always says what the students donated the most, which class donated the most. This is another form of "being donation" behavior, everyone has opinions, but dare not say. A42 newspaper October 30 edition of "This Blind, where should guide the blind" in the title of Jiyuan City Patio Road and the intersection of East Cardiff neighborhood Blind is a highway poles reported the situation after it was reported

roads have been repaired, but many sections of the city Blind, still let the blind know what to do.According to the public-spirited citizens Jiyuan Zhang said, authorities can not simply piecemeal, exposure a repair one, but should make the city a major examination of Blind, a large survey.□ reporter Guo Changxiu correspondent Li Meiwen FigureGratifyingSections have been reported, have been repairedNovember 18, who lives in Jiyuan City Patio Haruo neighborhood offices rebellion Mr. Zhang, the phone happily told reporters that after reports by the newspaper at the Blind, and soon there came forward units repaired.Mr. Zhang also told reporters: "In the Jiyuan downtown, Blind phenomenon appears there are many obstacles, I propose that authori  air jordan 4 cheap  ties can not simply stop-gap measures, exposure a repair a while Blind city should do a big physical examination, a large survey. "HardshipMany sections of Blind, still let the blind know what to doOn that occasion, under the leadership of Mr. Zhang, the reporter first came to the Yellow River Road, Jiyuan City, the first administrative near a road.This paragraph sidewalks clean, in sidewalk Blind straight stretch into the distance, but an iron manhole cover embedded in the middle of the Blind. Wenchang Road in the Yellow River Road and near the intersection of paved roads open, but the catch is that weeds on the Blind Man, the Blind "cut" into paragraphs. In the south, an economic water street outside the walls of the site, a blind road wa

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Re: being donation" behavio

C'est dommage sa pourait nous sevire car je fait un fofo spécial et j'aurait bessoin d'une image perso


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