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article pointed out that efforts

article: "How to further improve the system of anti-corruption laws and regulations  "The article pointed out that efforts to improve the leadership cadres to report personal matters and other systems. Pilot implementation of the new leadership cadres of any mention their spouses and children, property abroad (Habitat) and other related matters of the open system, establish and improve national staffair jordan 5 sale
spouses and children moved to the country (territory) management system.The article said that the "decision" specifically on the sound system of anti-corruption laws and regulations set forth explicit requirements, reflecting the need to oppose the rule of law with the rule of law and the way of thinking of the concept of corruption. Important aspects of anti-corruption laws and regulations both party and state building the rule of law, institution building, and is an important basis for punishing and preventing corruption, it is important to do the work of anti-corruption safeguards. Over the years, we attach great importance to the construction of anti-corruption laws and regulations, has made great achievements, but there are still many problems and shortcomings. More prominent question is: adapt to the new situation required anti-corruption laws and regulations system is not perfect, the lack of appropriate measures to support and refine some rules and regulations, laws and regulations and some content behind the practice, many good laws and regulations to implement not in place, did not play its due role. Rules and regulations to carry out the construction is still deep anti-corruption work must be Solved a major issue and urgent task.The article points out, stick with the rule of law against corruption way of thinking and the rule of law, anti-corruption to make standardized and institutionalized, it is our party against corruption and building a clean political fundamental

direction. Should focus on strengthening the powers of control and supervision of the core, grasp the key link in this are prone to corruption, combining the implementation of the "establishment of a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption work plan 2013-2017", research and feasibility studies in order to prevent and punish corruption for the legal system for command, to take the easier way first, strengthen the party system and the rules and regulations the national anti-corruption legislation, the introduction of a mature one, and gradually form the content of science, rigorous procedures, supporting a comprehensive, workable and effective anti-corruption laws and regulations system, so that the work of anti-corruption law, and constantly improve the level of anti-corruption law.First, establish and improve theair jordan 11 mens
Independent risk control system. Independent risk control is to promote open and transparent operation of power, the power to run a sound mechanism for control and supervision of the importance of practice and exploration. To focus on an object for key areas and key links, and gradually establish and improve risk warning, error correction, rectification, internal and external oversight, evaluation and accountability mechanisms, a set of well-established Independent risk control system system.Second, a sound system to prevent conflicts of interest. Prevent conflicts of interest is the foundation of modern ICAC legislation is an important measure to strengthen the leadership cadres of political ethics, prevention of corruption from the source. To further improve the market mechanism, focused on solving the areas of public resource allocation, public asset trading, production of public goods in the conflict of interest issue. To avoid conflicts of interest to further improve the system, focusing on improving public avoidance, worked avoidance, geographic avoidance system; further improve and

strictly enforce restrictions conduct for public officials and cadres relatives in business, public service and social organizations and other job-related systems and regulations to prevent the use of leading cadres public authority or influence to their relatives and certain other related parties for personal gain.Third, efforts to improve the leadership cadres report personal matters and other systems. Leading cadres to implement any new mention their spouses and children, property abroad (Habitat) and other related matters publicly pilot system, pay close attention to the development of leading cadres report personal matters verification checks ways to improve reporting and verification of the resultsair jordan 13 uk
  of the use of illegal disciplinary efforts; establish a sound national staff spouses and children moved to the country (territory) management system, develop national spouses of staff members moved to the country (territory) outside the post office management practices, strengthen the supervision of Party members and cadres, especially leading cadres.Fourth, strengthen national anti-corruption legislation. According to the need to develop the situation and tasks, and constantly improve the regulatory system for punishing and preventing corruption. I want those disciplinary rules regulations and administrative rules proven to meet the development of the situation in law and regulations, a relatively complete system of anti-corruption laws and regulations as soon as possible. The existing laws and regulations, should be promptly abolished outdated, inadequate to timely revision and improvement, the need to refine the details of implementation as soon as possible, the need to develop the supporting systems to ste

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