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whole operation a total of

e time, police also seized stay south of the remaining 18 kilograms of drugs, the whole operation a total of 43 kilograms of drugs seized and arrested six suspects. □ local time July 10, 2013, Washington, DC, the fifth round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue on Climate Change meeting, Vice Premier Wang Yang (left) listen to U.S. Vice President Joe Biden made a speech.B-52 bombersair jordan 3 mens
dispatched U.S. troops entered its second day in the East China Sea after Chinese air defense identification zone, the White House held a briefing trip to Japan and South Korea next week, Vice President Joe Biden. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 27 reported that senior White House officials said Biden will China put forward against the East China Sea to China designated air defense identification zone, while U.S. warplanes before the day of action "to help the vice president made it clear in this regard." .Fudan University, Professor Wu Xinbo, director of the American Research Center 28 Morning News reporter in an interview with reporters that the air

defense identification zone and the Diaoyu Islands issue is different, it touches so-called "America's own interests", the United States would put the hard-line stance, the joint Japan China "Audibles." But Biden is not the military leaders, in addition to pressure, it should not be any specific requests made to China.Air defense identification zone issues into focusBiden will be 2 to 7 December followed by a visit to Japan, China and South Korea. British "Guardian" reported on the 27th that Biden's trip to East Asia, mainly to discuss trade and economic cooperation, however, the Chinese air defense identification zone designation controversy triggered by Biden's visit is destined to become the most talked about topic. At 25, two U.S. B-52 bomber into the East China Sea and air defense identification zone near the Diaoyu Islands in flight."The Guardian" that this is more than 20 years the United States to China, "the most direct military show." "Washington Post" believes that the air defense identification zone problem is Biden's trip to Beijing, "cast a shadow."Two anonymous senior White House official Local 27, said at a briefing during Biden'sair jordan 3 sale
  visit to China, the request for clarification of its intent designated air defense identification zone, and discussions with leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping, including " ease tensions and promote a diplomatic solution "approach.The two officials and even the U.S. military dispatched B-52 bomber linked to behavior and Biden's visit. They said the U.S. move would "help to make the vice president made it clear during his visit," that the United States believes China's recent behavior "that China's neighbors uneasy."The two officials said that China's air defense identification zone delineation may change the status quo in terms of unpredictable region, constitute a threat to the multinational aviation and international business

contacts. "China needs to clarify its intentions, to answer a series of questions of civil aviation and strategic perspective."The United States believes has touched their interestsThe two officials said in a briefing on the 27th, Biden made it clear that this is about the U.S. allies in Asia have "indestructible commitment." "Wall Street Journal" on the 27th review said the U.S. warplanes, is to send a clear signal to China that it will firmly stand on its own allies on the Japanese side of the range of issues including the disputed islands, including.Wu Xinbo, in an interview with Morning interview, said that the United States supports Japan's approach depends on the specific issues may be. On the Diaoyu Islands issue, the United States through joint military exercises around the Diaoyu Islands and other indirect expression of support for Japan, but it is on the surface or to say "no station team".China East Air Defense Identification Zone problem with this is different, it affects not only the Diaoyu Islands and Japan, but covers the activities of the United States the most concentrated area, is bound to affect the United States nearly empty reconnaissance air jordan 4 retor shoes
against China, and the United States and its allies in joint action in this area can be said to touch the so-called "America's own interests." Therefore, in the event the United States reacted strongly, even at the bombers dispatched show a tough stance.However, Wu Xinbo also pointed out that Biden is not the military leaders; addition to expressing concern and opposition to the Chinese side, he would not propose specific requirements for China's air defense identification zone, which does not comply with diplomatic practice. In the 27th White House briefing, U.S. officials did not answer reporters about whether Biden will ask China to withdraw air defense identification zone problems.Will learn about the new situation of China's

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