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Jin Moumou less than 30 years

as not yet received the autopsy report. The  colleagues revealed that Jin Moumou less than 30 years, often at the hospital during his lifetime disability identification for yourself.Dean had sent the alumni dinner after iPhone5SA condition of anonymity, said Li Wenhui colleague, Richard Lee on April 4 was taken away from Anping court, a day after still work properly. "Li Wenhui refined calm, good performance, when he was taken away, we are particularly surprised." The colleague said. He told reporters the South, Li Wenhui introverted personality, "if nonike free 3.0 v4 cheap
t so introverted, okay with everyone complaining, maybe no this thing."Richard Lee in 1987, graduated from high school in Hebei Hengshui, as school league secretary during the highest degree of China University of Political Science graduate students. A high school alumni, said Richard Lee, "is a warm, polite people, especially to see," but "also has a high school classmate particularly bother him that he did not act." The alumni told reporters the South, at a dinner on years later, Li Wenhui sent him a iPhone5S. 1984 I first read "Hundred Years of Solitude" was very surprised when the original novel also can write! "Mo Yan said," After ten years, I have been in and Marquez 'fight'. "At a seminar held at Zhejiang University, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Latin American magic realism literature admits of his early works had a significant impact, "my novella" ball lightning "," blonde baby "has imitated traces of magic realism. "In the 1980s, first read "Exotic" magical realism, literature, foreign literature stream of consciousness, so accustomed to the original method of Chinese creative writers surprised, blowing the literary wave "follow" the
wave."Then we have a lot of writers to imitate the United States on behalf of Stream of Consciousness Faulkner, the whole chapter of thousands Jiwan Zi's novel is not a

punctuation mark." Mo Yan speaking, reading, and like, it will not consciously imitate, But he soon realized that to create novels with Chinese characteristics, we must avoid the "This two searing blast.""Do not let the Chinese contemporary literature becomes a replica of Western literature, written with Chinese-style fiction, literature on the world map in order to have our position."Mo Yan said the magic realism literary folktale will usually be super realistic plot serious, seriousness, write it down."It inspired me to his folk roots tracnike free 5.0 v4 buy online
eable, the only way to avoid the impact of foreign literature." Mo Yan said he extracted from the Chinese people in their own language and vivid, lively spoken language, oral tradition from generation to generation, and their classical literature to find material."On the basis of the folk tale, with a rich imagination and life experience, beautiful writing, which is an important force to fight Western literature. Performance characteristics of a nation things can often find the source of the folk." Mo Yan said."I do not deny that they have received the impact of magic realism, but really affect my creative style of late is" Gods "" Strange "and other traditional Chinese novels." Mo Yan said, "I have to contact them with the blood on the indeed hit it off. "Chinese writer Mo Yan is the 2012 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, the jury introduce him when he said, "With the mix of magic and reality and the historical and social perspectives, Mo Yan has created a world of complexity presented reminiscent of William Faulkner and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, "Yesterday, Sun Liping, a sociology professor at Tsinghua University in his blog posting on the recent General Secretary Xi Jinping served about yourself" thesis instructor, "the rumors to be clarified. Reads as follows:Sun Liping: the instructor questions about the thesis AgainAgain: On the spread of

"thesis instructor," saying that I have clarified on different occasions, and now once again a clear explanation: It is not.1, the first paper of this title is no instructor.2, I was really School graduate committee, to go through all the master dissertation by this Committee, and the Academic Degree Committee to recommend whether to grant degrees. Possible misunderstandings resulting. I hope you do not baseless assertion.Originally, do not want a wide range of clarification, because China is more often clarify things more clear, and inviting discussion. Given there are a lot of speculations, in order to avoid misunderstandings, especially as this description. This section also hope you see microblogging wants, do not forwarded (22 January 2013).A student told me that there are still people have similar references in the article, forwarded this statement again, andnike free 4.0 v3 womens
  hope to see such a friend to help clarify the statement, otherwise easily lead students on April 17 and on the misunderstanding ferry crashed South Korean President Park Geun-hye Passengers holding temporary parents met, because many students are still unaccounted for, some parents lose control, harshly criticized the government for incompetence.Reported that many parents face questioning and scolding, and Park Geun-hye and officials around from time to time seem overwhelmed. An emotional woman interrupted Park Geun-hye, then at her and asked: "And they are going to die, you have done time is running out !"It is understood that most of the passengers families to spearhead the Korean Coast Guard Commander Kim Suk strong that the Coast Guard did not rescue the first time after the ferry crashed. In order to pacify the people, Park Geun-hye to explain to the relatives of passengers, as many as 550 divers participated in the search and rescue work, but her words were immediately counterattack. An angry parent exclaimed: "But

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