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in which the motor vehicle

n of the Ministry of Public Security Decree No. 123, for such illegal activities to increase the punishment, in which the motor vehicle without a license plate deliberately obscured, non-destructive, do not follow the installation plate; using forged or altered license plate, driving license, driving license, an offense punishable by a school bus signs, etc. incurring a penalty 12 minutes. Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau official said, very grateful to the majority of users to actively participate in this event, the future will continue to use micnew balance 580 for sale
oblogging, hold the letter "readily take" and other activities, prizes, users are welcome to participate actively report traffic violations boycott together to build, maintain smooth and safe traffic environment.The "readily take" campaign received strong support of friends, more than 2 million users participated in the event, the theme microblogging letter to be forwarded, shared over 300,000 times, providing users about the brand of card-related and other serious violations readily photographs, audio, video three days thousands of Nigeria recently suffered four terrorist attacks. Unprecedented series of attacks shocked Nigeria. After what happened in the country's politicians do not unite to fight crime, but mutual accusations. This African country into a turbulent maelstrom.Local time on April 16 morning, a village located in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno was suddenly attacked suspected Islamic extremists, resulting in 18 people dead. Media quoted insiders security agencies were reported. Just the day before, a school in the state over more than 100 female students were hijacked. On the same day, a respected Muslim chiefs and his guards were killed. Just last week the Muslim emirate fruit bar area because of the escalating violence in the region also had the Nigerian government had issued a distress signal.

April 14, one of the bus station on the outskirts of the Nigerian capital Abuja suffered bomb attacks, killing more than 70 people dead.So far, no organization or individual admitted that any one of those responsible for the attacks. Nigerian President Jonathan on Monday after the explosion occurred shortly after the attacks, said extremist Islamic extremist organization "Boko Haram" is the mastermind behind the tragedy.Terrorist attacks show the authorities face a growing inability to cope with the violence. This year alone, isnike free run 3 womens
considered violent attacks "Boko Haram" made in 1500 people were killed there. Yesterday morning, from the Tianjin municipal government executive meeting upload a message, Tianjin will take effect May 31 stop processing the blue print accounts. That from May 31, 2014, officers stopped other provinces through the purchase of commodity housing, invest in businesses and attract talent handle blue print accounts. The accounts have been registered or are in the process blue print blue print account other provinces can apply in accordance with the original provisions of the relevant account.The blue print to stop new office accounts, according to the old man and old methods, new approaches to the May 31, 2014, printed by Tianjin real estate sales management system and online booking agreement signed buyers in other provinces after obtaining RETCs may continue to apply the provisions of the original blue print accounts. Existing account holders blue print staff, after the expiration of the retest after passing inspection can continue with the original regulations Tianjin permanent residence.March 2009, the Tianjin government clearly, in other provinces and cities to buy real estate in Tianjin
personnel can apply to register an account Tianjin blue print, and enjoy the same treatment as permanent residence in Tianjin, get blue print as long as the account of foreign

students Tianjin ordinary high school formal school for three years, may participate in the common entrance examination in Tianjin.As of 2013, six districts in Tianjin blue print accounts buyers bid $ 800,000 over four districts around the city bid for the blue print accounts shall purchase 600,000 yuan or more, Baodi, Wuqing and three counties (Jixian, Jinghai County , Ninghe) bid for the blue print accounts shall purchase 400,000 yuan or more.Developers are "withdrawal" petrified"Always thought that medicine can not stop property market, this was petrified, especially Wuqing." Learned the news after a developer told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter, in his opinion, it isnike free run 3 mens
  absolutely a big negative. They will also be adjusted sales policy, intensify the push plate."We just finished spring exhibitions in Beijing, the meeting also focused on pushing the advantages of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin, propaganda and India account for a great value through the blue, I did not expect to be back on the abolition of this policy." There in Wuqing BMC on behalf of the project developer told reporters. But, in fact, the developer circles, blue print to cancel the policy passed more than a year or two, and this boots finally landed.In the Beijing-Tianjin high-speed on both sides, you can see many real estate projects in huge billboards, the most eye-catching advertising slogan is "blue print accounts." With the proposed acceleration of the integration process of Beijing, Tianjin and "Capital Economic Circle" concept, located in the Beijing-Tianjin corridor Wuqing rapid development in recent years.Blue and India account purchase threshold of only 40 million, in Wuqing buyers become one of the main buyers choose blue print accounts crow

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