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our country develop an economy

The ground fights for the center particularly item public finance to subsidize, effectively dissolve an antinomy and transfer the commandant of the local government protection aggressive.Strengthen rigid stipulation, ensure core military safe and important core vital part military installations, such as conductor engineering, guided missile battlefield and vessel base...etc., directly relate to national strategy in command of stable and strategic the strength safe and strategic awe is effective.However, along with the rapid development of economic development, the safe environment of some military installation peripheries is just gradually worsen.The Sung heart Hui staff officer reveals that some nations and region with with our country develop an economy cooperation and go into business to do business enterprise, and tour sightseeing...etc. for cover, to I implementation arrive near probe, build up intelligence report in the neighborhood of important military installation of base, close quarter observation, trail chaussure nike wardour chukka
and discover my military installation and troops activity, "in the investigation, often heard government troops regrets, 'the troops battlefield be set up where, concern foreign affairs a business enterprise heel arrive where', this knocks to ring a Jing clock for us."Browse an investigation report, the reporter discovers, this kind of case at present not fresh see in the whole country.For example, some vessel base military in Hainan forbids inside the area safety control scope, the local government violates the rules to canvass business to lead a property and constucts manies to concern foreign affairs villa club building of office, the severity threatens a base safety.Although the nation finally appears publicly as to it's carry on procure, toring down, the naval base's eyes

See to still there are many hotels with high house inside the scope, the safety is concealed to suffer from existence still.According to the introduction, in the neighborhood of parts of naval base, the local fisherman proceeds from an economic purpose and violate the rules in leaving port channel the cloth establish a net box, when the vessel leaves port even appear the extreme circumstance of "the fisherman tries to use ensign son in command of the vessel avoid to let";In some sea ranges, once appeared a fisherman to violate the rules as well the circumstance for catching."These phenomenon, the Ji beard draws up a clearer in meaning rigid stipulation method."Sun Qiang's staff officer says.This fixs the angle that the method gives attention to both a military installation protection from place economic development to the above-mentioned circumstance and carries on to correspond adjustment, further perfect the related item of the protection core military safety, make the new method even have binding force.Articleacheter nike blazer high
16 definitely stipulates:"Forbid inside the area in the water military, forbid to construct, constitution non- military installation, forbid to be engaged in a marine products farming, catch and other hindrance for use by the military warship ship activity, harm the military installation safety keep secret and use the activity of effect";The 21th regulation rule settles:"In the water military management area, forbid to be engaged in a marine products farming;Haven't yet an above military organization of military district class approval, can not construct and establish non- military installation;Be engaged in to catch or other activities, can not influence the war preparedness of for use by the military warship ship and train, be on duty etc. activity".Strengthen to govern

Raise a protection, also the military airfield one is clean to get empty"fixed a method to adapt to national economic society and national defense fast- developing new situation, strengthened the clean empty protection of military airfield further."Everyone widespreadly thinks that the new method will develop an important function.List Shao sign to tell a reporter, along with scale in the city continuously extension, equal one part of military airfields and Hsin-cheng area, development area etc. environment in the city connect with each other mutually melt, clean empty environment severity depravation.According to incompletely statistics, 1995, the whole army just has above clean half the number with the airport empty the environment encounter a sabotage, clean empty scope the extremely high building reach to more than 1000 places, most seriously extremely high more than 300 rices.The flight trouble caused by clean empty reason is about 100, have of the airport have already canned not guarantee a military airplane nike air presto duralon online
normal fly, more than ten airports are forced to close, move, war preparedness training and fighting strength of serious interference troops promote."Result in the reason of predicament include in many ways, the programming development of local government absurdity is an one of them.It is a solution to strengthen to orchestrate coordination."The Luo Tai staff officer deeply has emotional stirrings to this.His for instance says that certain place government in Xinjiang under the sistuation that didn't negotiate with troops, at is apart from military airfield runway port about 4 kilometers built an extremely high building, caused airport's hasing to move and only re- programed and then used 8 years.

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