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to adopt compulsive measure to

The reporter understands, the military installation after modifying protects a method and increased 26th regulation rule settle:"At the military airfield is inside the clean empty protection district, forbid to build to outrun an airport clean the building of the empty standard, construct thing or other facilities, can not be engaged in influence to fly safety and airport to help the activity of the sail facilities use effect".Increased clean empty punishment rules to the breakage military airfield in Article 43.Push a fusion development, definitely and respectively the right obligation dilimits "two areas two scopes", protecting commandant basic measure.In recent years, parts of local governments and section are worried that the city constucts to be subjected to influence with economy development, to"two areas two scopes" dilimitation the attitude is negative, make some important military installation protection the district can not dilimit over a long period of time, especially the water"two areas"s dilimitation nike blazer low acheter
leads still not enough 50%, the severity influences related protection measure implementation."For this kind of circumstance, we at draw up a law modification drafted plan carried on full consideration, the strategic overall situation sets out from the national security and the development, orchestration give attention to both economic development and national defense."Sun Qiang introduces, 2012, the national ocean section discover, there is the island that the troops garrisons in the national island resources survey activity, ecosystem, water body protects all very good, "two areas two scopes" usually again is a local tree

, The water and soil conservation better region.This elucidation works well a military installation protection work, will carry out the double of national defense safety and ecosystem efficiency to win.The reporter notices, the law still increased a military installation programming the construction have to consider that economic society development in the place needs and rules according to city country programming request and loosenned is public to need to tore down, move military installation to set up, change to make because of place economic development, the examination and approval legal power of armed forces and people suitable for use is granted by the original report State Department, Central Military Commission, adjustment for can also report the organization approvals of State Department, Central Military Commission authorization."The military installation management unit is to protect commandant first responsibility corpus, have to from add pressure, active Be."The list Shao signs introduction and fix nike air classic bw pas cher
a method in science norm government section and citizen behavior this time of at the same time, also gave military organization and the certain right and obligation of manager.Stipulate:The military installation management unit is on duty a personnel to adopt compulsive measure to the behavior of the some harm military installation safety and include and"compulsorily take and leave" "detain and violate the rules a personnel" "the detention violates the rules product" etc.;At the same time, explicit the obligation of troops, for example:Adopt safe supervision and technique to guard against measure to the military installation important part;The performance robs an insurance rescue, urgent task, besides which, don't get a general matter to establish

Is used for a non- military purpose etc.."The national defense is all businesses with common citizen, the military installation is a national resources to constitute part, all levels government and military organization, and all organizations and citizens all have a responsibility, also have the obligation protection the military installation safety and support a national interest."Ma Yi flies to tell a reporter.(Huang Xu originally reports reporter, Chen Xiao Jing, )the medium new net give or get an electric shock to send out the 30th of association(NHK) to report according to Japan on June 30, Japan Coast Guard develops a new voyage alert the system shows at map automatically by letting the object waters see at a glance ground up, and open on the Internet.The system creates the precedent of world and has already started using since this month.According to know, the past voyage alert has been releasing the alert information of object waters to the voyage boats and ships by the writing and the number form, thenike flyknit air max online
personnel on board after receiving the information passes again the handicraft homework draws the waters on the voyage diagram, while the new system simplified this top-grade distance.Use on the appearance of new system orange show object of waters.Click the waters, can immediately confirm alert contents and time.Japan Coast Guard said that eastern Japanese heavy earthquake after, in great quantities discards material etc. afloat on the sea surface.While announcing a huge voyage alert of amount, once used a data to pass the way that the map showed after gathering.But the new system show a way one eyes

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