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borrow the assets belonging to

Academy of Social Sciences researcher Liu SM Tourism Research Center special correspondent in an interview that the new site for the scenic spots, should focus on the fare is high or low, it is important to solve the issue of fairness and transparency, according to the scenic construction tickets maintenance costs were reasonable pricing, a major principle of local government can not borrow the assets belonging to the National Tourism Resources profiteering."Scenic development can not only rely on ticket sales." Liu SM stated that moment, a lot of places to tourism as a pillar industry, hopes to promote economic development through tourism, but if you have set theirnike free 5.0 online
sights on the "ticket economy", rather than seeking to improve services , management improvement and industrial chain stretched, is bound to reduce the attractiveness of scenic charm and will also harm the sustainable development of scenic spots.Analysis pointed out that in keeping ticket prices are transparent, reasonable conditions, scenic should make great efforts to improve the supporting facilities, improve management and service levels, so long tourism industry chain,

to reduce the area management chaos, enhance the scenic attraction, this is long-term development of the Road. Xinhua Kunming, September 24 (Reporter Bai Jingli) Qujing Municipal Emergency Office news, the department received a report the evening of 24 under the jurisdiction of Qujing Xuanwei City if a small river town coal mine flooding accident. Preliminary understanding, the accident time at 16:30 on the 23rd or so, eight people were trapped underground.After receiving the report, Qujing municipal government immediately nike free run 6.0 for sale
launched emergency plans, safety supervision, coal, coal supervisor, health, police, fire and other departments rushed to the scene to carry out rescue work.China news agency, Taipei, September 24 - From county and city in Taiwan at the end of Election Day near, candidates have a busy man. Chinese KMT candidate  Miaoli mayor's car the evening of 24 with a speeding van collided Zou Yumei spot in a coma, was pronounced dead after hospital.Central

News Agency reported that the accident occurred at 7 o'clock evening, 57-year-old son, Yang Ming Ye  by car equipped, ready to go within the KMT Miaoli City Fuan participate in campaigning meetings, passing Miaoli excellence Guohua Road and turn left when he was on the a high-speed van clashed.Reported that the sitting vice driver's seat Zou Yumei bear the brunt of the van was hitnike free 5.0 v4 running shoe
violently after being sandwiched trapped car, severely deformed head full of blood, his hands curled up on the spot in a coma, although rushed to hospital, still pronounced dead , and its only son driving head, arms minor abrasions.Reported that live near the scene of the accident  nephew, after hearing a huge crash, ran out and found a car accident, the initiative to join rescue the wounded, but He who see the car was actually his aunt, shocked.It is reported that no longer breathing  was rushed to hospital Daqian heartbeat, coma index is only three, head, chest hit, after a half an hour to rescue the still declared antidote.Reported that police found the monitor screen access to junctions, Zou Yumei seat car from the outside lane road Guohong, illegal

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