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get into the reason of the

, Autumn is the season that celebrates result.Central Europe has diplomatic relation about 40 in the last yearses, each realm cooperation achievement is plenteous.The state-owners enterprise doesn't  is Chinese special feature.Though the market economy is flourishing,the western and flourishing nation also owns many state-owners enterprises, basic in the infrastructure, public utilities and high technique profession, transport such as the electric power, telecommunication, postal service and railroad, aviation and highway, petroleum, nuclear energy etc..The salary of Euro-American state-owners enterprise Gao tube has been the focus problem of public concern as well.The salary level of its tall tube isn't fixed and unchangealbe, but usually is placed in to adjust in.Lead Gao to easily cause society controversy, lead low hard then absorb Na of elitist.Is public, transparent, the reasonable became an Euro-American state-owners enterprise Gao Guan salary establishment of trend, but also face own hard nut to crack atadidas pro model zero mens
the same time.After high tube salary Ao Lang is virtuous to appear on stage, France's"equitably prosperous" policy's crest's set a series of"equitably prosperous" measure, an among those items, is the salary"cover hat crest" to the state-owners enterprise Gao tube.The electric power group old gross earnings downs sharply 2|3 in the flourishing capitalism nation, the nationalization degree is the tallest of should be France.Currently, French government owns 52 shares of companies, 23 among them are company and French mail that is stateowned to all support a business enterprise, include a French state-run railroad

Government, and some ports and etc. in the airport.French economy promotes and boosts in recent years tired, the high wages of people to business enterprise Gao tube also has disaffection.A survey suggests that 2000-2010 years of 10-year, French state-owners enterprise chief executive officer's average wages, increases 15% annually.But meanwhile, the rise of French common employee wages is only 2% to arrive 3%.In 2012, France formally announced the detail of "salary frame management" policy and stipulated the wages of state-owners enterprise Gao tube is the tallest can not more than annual salary EUR 450,000.This ordinance will be applicable to is controled the business enterprise of big parts of ownership of a shares by French government, for example the French power company, French state-run railroad company, French postal service and France checks high tubes of industrial company.However, the government controls the business enterprise that has small part, salary the standard was similar to the private Qi to beadidas jeremy scott wings uk
free from to interfere.After, this set's many big state-owners enterprises leader of the income down sharply a most likely, for example French electric power group president annual salary in 2011 is up to EUR 1,560,000, crest after reduced 2/3 a while and the rise.But same period, 40 chief executive officers of large listed companies in France, average annual salary is then EUR 2,420,000.Little more than state-owners enterprise CEO margin is the Zha so big?

However another famous state-owners enterprise in France-French state-run railroad president of company Ji Yao Mu ·wear skin, salary didn't under the influence of virtuous new government of Ao Lang, because his annual salary, original only EUR 250,000 of so will is this standard, is because of wear skin is public official's identity.Before serving as method iron chief executive officer, wear skin to serve as excessive section director of government, also manage in the method iron piping excessive year of, in 2008 drive France term president's Sarkozy ordination is method iron chief executive officer.Turn tofrom public official's identity a business enterprise, so his annual salary still keeps making reference to the level establishment of public official.EUR 250,000 annual salary can not mention in the same breath with private Qi the high tube of frequently millions euros.However the words say back, if everywhere the Ao Lang is virtuous, wearing the skin should also be getting more contented.His salary than annualadidas porsche design bounce mens
salary of the France's tallest public official-president Gao Chu's 1/3 is and the rise.Be the same as executive, if from employ to serve as with the public official of the government on the market, the salary margin will be very big.For example in the Ao Lang virtuous policy set before, French telecommunication board of directors chairman invited by market and CEO year always guerdon is EUR 1,500,000, but former incumbent CEO appointed by government, its annual salary then only EUR 200,000.The salary margin of French state-owners enterprise inner part is opposite private

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