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against corruption situation r

central corruption, personally involved in this anti-corruption war, and not just through newspapers and other media Dang Kanke." Bao Xiaoyun believe that to continue increase the transparency of inspections, and to encourage the public approached the inspection teams, and actively reflect the situation and report problems.[Year in Review] patrol density, intensity, depth surpassed the previous, more sword front, greater deterrence"High-density, large-scale" is the 2014 tour of the central features of the mosair jordan 1 retro
t intuitive. March to May last year, from July to September, within six months time to complete two rounds of the central patrol. After the first two rounds of inspections, namely to achieve a 31 after eighteen provinces, "the central patrol full coverage." The second round of inspections feedback "ending" near the middle of November, the third round of inspections that finalized 13 units, launched a special tour. Overall, in 2014 the central patrol areas and involving a total of 40 units, compared with 2013 the number doubled.Carry out special inspections for specific issues or problems, is also a prominent feature of the 2014 inspections. Since last March, the central inspection teams in two groups of six units conducted a special patrol pilot. On this basis, beginning in November, for 13 units to carry out special inspections. And regular visits different special inspections with clear objectives, follow the trail away the problem, more focused, more focused questions, acupuncture is more accurate.Comrade Wang Qishan on November 18 last year held

special inspections mobilization meeting stressed that "supervision is not for a while, to kill has been inspected for local or departmental Parthian shot, strengthen awe, afraid, knowing only the atmosphere. "" backstroke "released signals, including not only corruption always on the road, but also means that its continued efforts to enhance the accelerating pace, play more flexible.The wording of the central inspection teams in sharp harsh feedback, referred to in both specific and clear than the previous, more frequent inspections of new words now. Carefully comb 2014 inspections feedback term is no longer bold aesthetic, generally vague statement, such as Gansu "public servants illegal business enterprise issues outstanding", Fudan University, "school-run enterprise management 'single-handedlyair jordan 13 sale
running hand in business 'phenomenon prominent "COFCO" public funds to pay expenses such as golf extravagance issues outstanding, "and so on. These statements reflect the content of the tour continues to expand, patrol strength is gradually increasing.Feedback from patrol situation, with respect to construction, mineral development, land transfer, personnel selection and other aspects of "chronic illness", "old" disease, "capable of corruption", "a two systems" and "self-serving room," "backer Eat Mountain "," Little Giant official corruption "and other new words emerging, which reflects the work with the in-depth inspection, some of the new features and new signs are progressive discovery of corruption, but also fully confirmed the CP

C Central Committee on the fight against corruption situation remains severe and complicated judgment is absolutely correct.Feedback patrol program than there are new changes in 2013, inspection teams Xianxiang "number one" feedback, again "leadership" feedback form hierarchical two links. Each tour group feedback from the perspective of public notification, are reflected. For example, the central inspection teams to thirteenth COFCO party secretary Xi Ning convey spirit of the speech on patrol work and feedback of a special patrol situation. After inspection teams ED COFCO leadership had feedback.[Experts] "can be effective, the key depends on whether the strong rectification, the issue is resolved.""Efforts to highlight the central central inspection teams punish evil anti-corruptionnike zoom hyperrev sale
commitment, courage and boldness." Associate Professor of Chinese Academy  discipline inspection and supervision of the effectiveness of inspections in 2014 affirmed with "six combination, six focus on" to sum up 2014 inspections in her eyes, that is the focus of a comprehensive inspection and patrol combined main focus on strengthening the main industry; regular visits with a combination of special inspections, focusing on innovative ways; fixed patrol and patrol mission dynamics combine outstanding problem-oriented focus; inspections and checks combined with the cases, to improve the effectiveness of supervision; identify problems and promote the settlement of the problem by combining the results of the use of focus inspections; self-construction and the

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