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Opposite color to each other,it is a difficult color to combine.◎ achr

Speaking of color lens,I think,such as dark brown or black,who envisioned the use as sunglasses often.In fact,there is a color of more than 100 kinds in addition to them,and also include the combination of shading and gradients,we are able to choose even from a number of color.the impression that color has on the others big,by glasses of lens color,you should see your impression changed much.Here,taking advantage of the color features of,we will explain how to take advantage of the color lens as fashion.◎ for the color of compatibilityThose arranged in a circular ring orderly hue is called a hue ring.Adjacent to each other in the color wheel,a combination such as "red and orange," "yellow and yellow-green," "blue and blue-violet" refers to the similar colors,it is a good chemistry.On the contrary,opposing "red and blue-green," "yellow and blue-violet","blue and orange" is referred to as complementary color? Opposite color to each other,it is a difficult color to combine.◎ achromatic color is easy to coordinateThe achromatic color,it is the generic name of "black" and "white","color it was possible to fit mix them (gray)".The gray,there are a variety of concentration.This is achromatic color,because there is a beautifully show the effect of other colors,it will be said to be easy to coordinate with any color.Also,when combining the complementary color? Opposite color color,achromatic By the cushion,easier familiar shade! What impression the color of the color lens gives?
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◎ gray seriesIn the presence of it can be said that the classic color lens,it is the color that fit in without discomfort face towards the most.To improve concentration,there is action to increase the efficiency of work,but it gives us an image of elegant calm.Among the gray type,those that Blue were to win a chic image in the intellectual,the director makes a calm and gentle impression if that purple-tinged.Eyes to make a shadow on,showing deeply carved face,but also to a sharp impression.Clothes and make-up,even the good compatibility with any color is characterized.◎ Green systemIf you choose an elegant green a refreshing impression cool,you can produce a youthful healthy image if fresh green.Ray-Ban color and also is said,there is also a retro image.◎ BrownThe finish to the natural skin color,it gives the impression of a natural eyes.To solve the opponent's vigilance,it has the effect of reassuring.
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