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#1 22-08-2017 13:31:46

Date d'inscription: 12-05-2017
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Seattle City Council expected to vote on soda tax tomorrow.

Born and raised in Seattle... I'm just glad that I no longer live within the city limits anymore!!

The city counsel for Seattle no longer suprises me with their visions of stupidity and will simply find more wasteful projects to waste this tax revenue on... And cry again that the city is broke. Plus, they will not be able to explain to their tax payers where the money went to or even provide a general explanation on how the money was spent.

I'm just waiting for Seattle to float the ideal of a "city income tax"... Along with the current sales tax or even raising the sales tax within the city limits to an even 11%, to support/fund more of their useless city improvement projects... Example, the millions and millions of dollars already spent on the homeless problem, there hasn't even been a small change at all. I would bet that most of the money, from both the past and future tax revenue collections will simply go to the "general" operations/planning and review funds, with very little to none visible benefits to the average working person.

With that said, I bet that Seattle will have the first "truly" communist city counsel in the nation!! They already have a crazy Marxist bomb throwing nut job... Heck, I even hope that she runs for mayor of Seattle... I need the laughs!!

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