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The new millennium has brought along with it a sharp increase in the popularity of womens golf Stanley Johnson Pistons Jersey , with a noticeable rise in the number of women golfers in both the professional and casual arenas. This means the face of golf is being changed in dramatic fashion, as golf is rapidly losing its reputation as an ?old boys? game.?

Although it may surprise some, women have been playing professional golf for hundreds of years. But traditionally, golf has been an overwhelmingly male-dominated sport, with many golf establishments not even allowing women players to set foot inside their doors. The journey to playing golf has not been an easy road for aspiring women.

Typically, it takes some kind of spark to set off an explosive rise in popularity for a particular sport. In the world of men's golf Rick Mahorn Pistons Jersey , that spark was Tiger Woods, whose incredible play over the past decade or so spurred the popularity of golf to unprecedented levels. It is quite interesting to note that, as a small boy, Tiger was denied entry into a golfing club because of the color of his skin, a club which now welcomes the golfing star with open arms.

In the world of women's golf, sensational teenager Michelle Wie has without doubt been a catalyst in bringing major attention to the sport of women's golf in general Reggie Jackson Pistons Jersey , as she has endeavored to use her remarkable golfing skills to take on male golfers head to head. Similarly to Woods, perhaps her efforts will help eradicate the last barriers standing in the path of women golfers, including those few remaining clubs that still discriminate based on gender.

Regardless of Wie?s actual level of success in her quest to play with the men, in the past five years, women's golf has seen a massive rise in popularity thanks in part to her efforts as well as the inspired play of many other great women golfers such as Annika Sorenstam. And that popularity is predicted to rise even further. Women are entering the sport at a record pace, with the fastest rising segment taking up the sport being women younger than 30.

Interestingly Mateen Cleaves Pistons Jersey , however, there is a slight difference in the manner in which men and women approach the sport. Women tend to view golf primarily as a social activity with competitive undertones, while men see golf primarily as a competitive activity with social undertones. So, while male golfers are obsessing over their score, women are just trying to enjoy themselves.

But despite the ultimate reasons, women have irrefutably embraced golf in the new millennium Marcus Morris Pistons Jersey , and the result has been a a shot in the arm for the game.
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Columnist Thomas Haney regularly writes about subjects related to golf. Visit to get quality affordable golf equipment as well as learn more about women in golf, including practical subjects like golf clubs for ladies.

You are allowed to reprint this article for your own use provided you leave all links working and refrain from editing the article or credits in any way. Copyright 2007 Thomas Haney. All Rights Reserved.

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Shape up your life along with life quotes Sherrie Niblock
Submitted 2014-02-04 09:16:32
Life is very dynamic- it can be hard or simple at times. The best thing about life is that it is never constant- it takes a brand new course every single day. However, crisis seem to be very troubling and can cause great stress if not well handled. When you are dealing with tribulations as well as challenges in life, quotes about life are your best friend. This is because these types of words are produced from real life experiences. As such, they are words that people can connect with and find comfort in.

The most soothing quote is actually "Let your grin change the world, but do not permit the world change your smile. This is one of those life quotes that individuals facing difficult times and hurdles in life need to comfort themselves with. A grin is the best medication to a troubled disturbed heart. A grin gives re-assurance towards the heart and mind as it makes it easy to give the mind with unending reassurance. Most people do not know how important smiling is both to the mind and to your body. By extension Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Pistons Jersey , smiling is an anti- aging health supplement that comes about freely.

Ann Frank, one of the biggest critics from the Nazi regime within Germany cited, "Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy". This really is one of the best quotes which Anti-Nazi people required to hear even when they appeared to be losing to Hitler. The frustration and stress that comes about because of failure within life can only be soothed by looking for refuge in encouraging life quotes.

Most successful people attribute their success to remaining positive and confident even when all odds are against them. Anticipation of achieving success in the long run offers kept most people trying for ages until they achieve what they want. Quotes about life provide the difference between success and failing in life lay in dedication. Determination can be best described as the opportunity to remain focused and committed towards experienceing this set objectives. This is irrespective of the challenges and hurdles that may arise.

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