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Is this a real male enhancement?

The Penuma is the mastermind of Dr. James Elist, a urologist from Beverly Hills. For many years he has worked with those who needed member implants for a variety of reasons; one of his patients was infamous publisher Larry Flynt, who needed an implant following severe injuries after being shot. There is little doubt Dr. Elist knows his way around male enhancement and male organ health.

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Dr. Elist is currently the only doctor cleared by the FDA to perform the procedure. This means two significant things: First, that there is a long waiting list to get the job done, and secondly, that there really isn’t a large pool of men to study for after-effects or problems that might result many years down the road.

A man who can get past the gasp-inducing price tag might be tempted to pursue the Penuma implant; however, it is important to remember that any surgical procedure, no matter how proven, can have complications that occur during or after the procedure. Any tampering with the delicate member tissue can lead to serious problems with male organ health later, including scarring, lumps where the interior scarring has occurred, issues with sensitivity and much more.

Maintaining good male organ health

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