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Communication is the process of exchangingsharing information to co-workers and team members. For a project manager Jack Roslovic Jets Jersey , communication skills are considered as the general management skills; which heshe uses for daily ongoing activities. If we talk about overall communication management knowledge area in Project Management, it refers to the overall project’s information like project plans, meeting notes, risks planning, documentation etc. Proper distribution of information with team members and stakeholders is another responsibility of communication management. This information of project is documented till the closure of the project and used in future as a reference. Communication management defines that which type of information is needed and by whom. After that communication management devise some strategies for proper flow of information within a project. It also involves the creation, storage, collection and distribution of information. For a project success, effective communication is considered as an essential element.

In modern communication project management Dustin Byfuglien Jets Jersey , communication is divided into two categories:
• Synchronous
• Asynchronous
If all the team members and stakeholders are at the same location and they are attending the meetings at the same time in different locations then communication will be synchronous. Conference call is an example of synchronous way of communication. If the participants of a project are not participating in a meeting at the same time then asynchronous way of communication will be used for distribution of information.
Processes of Project communication Management:
Five main practices that are linked with Communication management are:
Communication management first identifies all the possible stakeholders; either they are part of the initiating process or affected by the project’s initiation. This process involves the identification of stakeholders, enlists them, their interests and their degree of involvement in project.
The second process includes the planning for communication with stakeholders. This process also identifies the information requirement for different stakeholders.
Third process mainly involves the distribution of pre identified information to stakeholders as planned in communication plan.

This process involves the monitoring and controlling of information flow towards stakeholders and also addresses the issues which occur during communication process.
Final process is all about the performance report of a communication management system. In this step data is collected like status report, progress reports of the project, and forecasts.
Objectives of the Communications Management
The main objectives of the communication management process are as follow:

? The aims and objectives of project communication management process are:

? Identify the communication requirements of a project

? Identify the major stakeholders; document their roles, impacts, interests and their degree of involvement

? Development of stakeholder management plan

? Defines appropriate channels for communication, timings for communication Drew Stafford Jets Jersey , and technical aspects of communication to meet the project’s requirements

? Ensures it that everyone is getting right information at the right time according to hisher requirements

What is the Project Manager’s Role in Communications:

Without any doubt communication is an important and essential element for effective project management. Effectual communication is a basic skill that every project manager should possess. With best communication skills a PM keeps the whole crew of project well informed about the different aspects and project’s progress.
Communication is considered as two way street, where receiver and sender both influence each other. For effective management of daily ongoing activities at projects communication is the most important thing for project managers. If a project manager possesses efficient communication skills it helps himher for effective project management.

From the above discussion it is clear that the role of communication in effective project management cannot be denied. Effective communication is the base of a successful project. For a <"http:www.bolc.coproject-manager-certification">project manager it is necessary to be effective in communications and build an effective team for communication management.
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