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#1 29-03-2018 13:36:32

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Blog Pagination and SEO

Hi there,

How are people handling pagination withing joomla in terms of SEO? I see two problems right off the top: The first is duplicate content. If I hit the "1" button to go back to the start of the blog, it takes me to "/blog?limitstart=0" instead of just /blog.. I'm sure as the pages add up, you run into more of this stuff.Second, as new pages are created where are they pulling meta data from? (example: My blog isn't going to be huge, but it could be a real pain to go update the meta data for every blog page when a new article moves things around. I guess I am more concered with the duplicate content issue. Is anyone using a disallow strategy in robots.txt this is working well? Maybe something like if url contains "limit" disallow? Is that even possible?

Please help

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