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Windows 8 low memory warning--but I have 8GB recognized


I recently bought a new laptop with Windows 8. I've been experiencing some really weird problems with it. When I play games that are fullscreen, I get low memory messages. Sometimes they occur a few minutes after starting the game, but other times I play for 15-20 minutes before I see the warning. I've never gone 30 minutes playing any game without seeing the warning. Nor does it happen in any game that I play windowed, so it's difficult to say exactly what's happening.
Strangest of all, when I get the messages, I open the Windows performance monitor, and it says there's plenty of memory left. I rarely go over 30-40% of the memory used, which doesn't surprise me because I have 8GB installed (with a 64-bit OS). I've installed all updates, drivers, etc. None of that helps. The problem never occurs when I'm doing anything that isn't relatively graphically intensive (games, really).

I tried looking online for other people with the same problem, but they seem to have resolved the problem by upgrading to Win 8.1 (already tried), or by updating some specific application that has memory leak problems. But as far as I can tell, I don't actually have a memory leak. The computer doesn't crash. Maybe slows down slightly, but it's hard to tell for sure.Overall, the problem isn't a huge one. It's more annoying because the pop-up window switches window focus, and many games don't respond well. I get video artifacting, color errors, etc. Is there anything I can do to prevent these errors?

Please help

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