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Film poster for Interstellar. [Photomovie.mtime]
Hollywood director Christopher Nolan's new sci-fi flick Interstellar has caught Chinese people's imagination Keith Yandle Panthers Jersey , with their common question being: Can Chinese filmmakers make such a movie?

The Chinese film industry has entered a new era, producing some good movies and earning substantial box office returns. It's not uncommon to see a blockbuster earn more than 100 million yuan ($16.16 million) nowadays. Since the film industry has never been more successful on the commercial front, film financers may not be averse to investing in sci-fi films, because they could turn into blockbusters.

A recent article on Chinese science fiction over the past two decades by Chinese-American science fiction writer Liu Yukun is seen as signaling the arrival of sci-fi films in China. In the initial years, hard sci-fi tales were more popular in China Roberto Luongo Panthers Jersey , because both writers and readers were limited, and many of them came from science and engineering backgrounds.

But with soft sci-fi tales gaining popularity in recent times, the range of writers and readers has expanded considerably. The emergence of some prominent science fiction writers and their abundant body of work offer enough material and inspiration for filmmakers. Moreover, a prominent group of young science fiction fans is drawn to the movies.

But despite the popularity of science fiction writings and movies in China, as well as film financers' willingness to invest in sci-fi movies Evgenii Dadonov Panthers Jersey , the development of the genre faces many obstacles.

As a genre, Chinese sci-fi movies are still in the nascent stage. If you ask even science fiction writers who have been enamored by sci-fi movies since childhood to name Chinese films in this genre, they cannot come up with good examples. Hao Jingfang, a new generation science fiction writer, says very few Chinese sci-fi movies are worth mentioning. After all Vincent Trocheck Panthers Jersey , "people watch sci-fi movies more because of their popularity than their imaginative elements," she says.

Given these facts, the challenge for sci-fi filmmakers to tell a good story is greater than those making films in other genres. Script and screenplay writers, and directors of sci-fi flicks have a tougher task than those working on traditional themes, because they have to let their imagination fly while adhering to logic and the laws of science and engineering. There are few professionally trained people who could measure up to this challenge.

Although most of the science fiction writers will be happy to see their works made into films Aleksander Barkov Panthers Jersey , there are no successful precedents. Chen Qiufan, a science fiction writer who studied Chinese literature and is a film and television director, says many filmmakers have consulted him about adapting his works for movies, but nothing feasible has emerged "until now". By feasible, he means the filmmaking team's qualifications Jared McCann Youth Jersey , experience and competence in handling such a subject. Going by Chen, very few filmmaking teams in China have the ability to make a good sci-fi movie.

Fei Dao, another young science fiction writer, corroborates Chen, saying it's not difficult to find financers for sci-fi movies in China Jamie McGinn Youth Jersey , nor is technology an obstacle. "As far as I know some Chinese digital studios have earned contracts for special effects of many foreign blockbusters ... (so) the main challenge is how script and screenplay writers and directors will handle a sci-fi story."

But there is a first in every field. Despite doubts about the film production team's competence and the difficulty in adapting a sci-fi work for a film, China's top science fiction writer Liu Cixin announced recently that he has agreed to turn his masterpiece, Three Bodies, perhaps China's best contemporary science fiction work, into a film. Liu will also be the film's producer. So have Chinese sci-fi movies eventually set sail? We have to wait for the answer.

CNG conversions are easier Radim Vrbata Youth Jersey , safer and more affordable than ever before. Businesses that have decided on CNG conversions already know that an alternative fuel vehicle will keep their most important asset out of the repair shop; keep their employees and customers safe and will benefit the environment.

It’s important to carefully consider the conversion specialist before hiring the company for the job, whether the conversion will be for compressed natural gas, liquid propane or bi-fuel conversions. The investment should be lasting and earn its worth back through reduced fuel costs, little maintenance and an increase in customers. Choose a company with these three important traits:

Three Qualities of a Premier Fuel Conversion Service

1. Leaders in the Industry

Even though alternative fuel vehicles have been rising in popularity over the past couple of years, there are companies that saw the need for this service years ago James Reimer Youth Jersey , such as Green Alternative Systems. The benefit of choosing a company that has evolved with the industry is that they have developed a specialized team, have the knowledge, and know the most up-to-date developments in the industry. A well established company will also have many satisfied customers, multiple locations and will be able to back their products and services with one of the longest standing warranties in the industry.

2. High Quality Products

If your company is considering an alternative fuel conversion, be sure to ask about the conversion system. Cylinders should be lightweight and made in the United States. Systems should be provided with an extensive warranty including 4 year Nick Bjugstad Youth Jersey , 100, 000 workmanship warranties and a 15 year cylinder warranty. Conversion systems should be certified as having passed the Altoona Bus Test. A high quality conversion system will ensure safety and a high quality product that will survive the test of time.

3. Skilled Technicians

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