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Worldwide offshore marine vessels capable of self-propulsion. Also includes photos of some of the vessels.


•Vessel Name
•Region of Operation
•Storage Capacities (above and below deck)
?Gelcompletion fluids
?Filter Capability
•Mixing Equipment
?Gel on the fly capability
?Frac on the fly capability
•Navigational Equipment
?Dynamic Positioning and Type
•Safety Equipment
?Hose Reel Quick Disconnect
?One Button Operation Shutdown
?Quick disconnect work with power loss
?QAQC Lab on Vessel
•Pumping Equipment
?Treatment Line size and length
?Line Pressure
?Total Hydraulic Horsepower
?Max rate and pressure
?Below Deck pump capacities
•Total Operating Pump Capacities

Reasons to Buy

•Spreadsheet format
•Ability to sort
•Ability to create pivots
•Ability to analyze across all fields

Browse complete Report on :


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