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Tim Williams Jersey

SHIJIAZHUANG Matt Judon Jersey , Aug. 5 (Xinhua) -- For 54 years farmer Yan Shunyi did not know the first thing about western musical instruments, but now he is a saxophone player.

Yan lives in Langzitou, an impoverished village in Wuqiang county, northern China's Hebei Province. He started learning to play the saxophone in March as part of a local government poverty reduction program.

After learning for several months, he is now able to play over 20 pieces of sheet music.

"In the past I knew nothing but farming, but now I can not only playing the saxophone but also assemble instruments Michael Pierce Jersey ," Yan said.

Wuqiang is a major production base for orchestral instruments in China, with more than 50 instrument manufacturing plants, employing 20,000 workers.

As China aims to lift all its poor people out of poverty by 2020, Wuqiang, a state-level impoverished county with nearly 10 Austin Howard Jersey ,000 people living in poverty, has offered support through saxophone lessons and instrument assembly training.

The project started in March and has seen 1,000 people in poverty from 94 villages trained free of charge.

Jinyin Group, a leading instrument company, is in charge of the project.

Zhang Huanying, from Jinyin Group Ryan Jensen Jersey , has taught over 20 people in Houjiatun village to play "Happy Birthday."

"You are in a whole group while playing, so you must pace yourselves carefully," Zhang said to his students.

The villagers have the chance to perform at tourist resorts, wedding ceremonies and company parties to enrich their cultural and material life, he said.

The instruments, offered by the company free of charge James Hurst Jersey , are specially designed for the entry-level villagers, Zhang said.

Poor families also receive training on instrument assembly.

Established in 1989, Jinyin Group produces more than 900,000 instruments, such as guitars, violins Brandon Carr Jersey , clarinets and saxophones, for sale in more than 80 countries and regions.

"The trained villagers will help our group relieve the labor shortage, and they are able to expand their ways to make money," said Ji Mancang, who is in charge of the poverty reduction training program at the group.

According to Ji, each villager earns 50 yuan (7 U.S. dollars) to 100 yuan each performance Tony Jefferson Jersey , and the instrument assembly brings each family around 1,500 yuan per month.

Last year Wuqiang, in cooperation with the China Musical Instrument Association, initiated a 1.15-billion-yuan project for national music education across the county.

Supported by the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission, the project will make the county a center for instrument purchases from Chinese schools, as well as a platform for music education.

"We are trying to make music a tourism brand here Danny Woodhead Jersey , so I hope tourists can meet saxophone players whenever they visit any of Wuqiang's 238 villages in the future," he said. "That's why we intend to teach as many villagers as we can."

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Highlights of 2017 IAAF World Championships Day 1 in London

Giant panda in French zoo gives birth to twin cubs, the first in France

Rwandan presidential elections kick off

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Military parade held to mark PLA 90th birthday (Part I)

BEIJING, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Zhengjiang Guangsha coach Li Chunjiang has been suffering from a chest bone fracture after he accidently clashed with players in training.

The feisty coach was particularly quiet in Sunday's CBA game where Zhejiang beat Jiangsu 109-101.

Chinese news portal Sina reported that Li was directing the game with a chest bone fracture which was sustained in an accidental crash into his players in earlier training.

Doctors suggested the 51-year-old to talk less, on court and out of.

Li was a famous basketball player in China and also known for his short temper.

He led his players to boycott a quarterfinal game against Syria in U18 Asian championship in 2008 over controversial judging.

In 2013, he stepped down as Guangdong coach after bringing the team to seven league titles. Li cited health reasons but some speculated that his fiery temper could have something to do with his departure.

The thought of male organ pain can be quite troubling for any guy. In most cases Nico Siragusa Jersey , member pain is quite fleeting. It often comes from a source a man knows well, such as excessive self-pleasuring, rough coupling or even an infection that can be cleared up with antibiotics. Good manhood care is often enough to get a man back on track.

But the pain of kidney stones is a whole other beast. Though kidney stones can cause pain and pressure in all parts of the midsection, they can cause serious male organ pain as well, especially during the time the stone is actively passing out of the body. Here’s what a man needs to know when he is confronted with the pain of kidney stones.

What are kidney stones?

If a man suffers from certain medical conditions or simply doesn’t drink enough water, the minerals in the foods he eats can collect in the kidney Tim Williams Jersey , where they form tiny stones. These stones might be in the kidney for years and never cause any problems. However, when they do begin to migrate, they do so by moving into the ureter. This is the thin tube between the kidney and the bladder.

Often the kidney stones are too big to pass through the ureter, so they become stuck there. This can lead to serious pain in the side and back, as well as other areas of the midsection.

Why do they cause male organ pain?

Sometimes a man will suffer what is known as referred pain. This happens when the kidney stone lodges som.

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