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MADRID, Jan. 16 (Xinhua) -- An alleged extremist has been arrested in the northern Spanish city of San Sebastian, the Spanish Interior Ministry reported on Monday.

The detainee, a boxing teacher of Moroccan nationality living in Spain, used to approach youngsters in risk of social exclusion and easily influenced.

Spanish police said he was leading a cell in charge of sending foreign fighters to Turkey where Daesh (also known as the Islamic State) gave them instructions to carry out attacks in Europe.

His activities started in 2010 and had a connection with other two alleged members of Daesh. One was arrested on Nov. 20 in Strasbourg by the French police and the other one who had been living with the detainee, was arrested in Morocco.

According to the police, the three would have been lived in San Sebastian during the same period and financially supported each other.

Spain raised its anti-terrorist alert to level 4 in 2015 and since then, a total of 181 extremists have been arrested.

Should You Write a Booklet Yourself? Published: 22.12.2009 | Author: kayemarks | Category: Advertising

Including poster printing in your marketing campaign is one great way to increase your client base as well as your business. Often Adidas Anze Kopitar Jersey , what your postcards and flyers cannot do, your print posters can.They add new clients to your mailing list and are able to reach out to clients that are often overlooked when you are distributing your custom postcards or flyers.

When you mail to a particular list Adidas Drew Doughty Jersey , you can only convey your message to a certain number of customers. However, you can place your posters in conspicuous areas and they can catch the attention not only of your target readers but also those who happen to pass by and see them.

Here are some more reasons why you should turn your attention to printing posters when campaigning for attention when marketing your business:

1- Poster printing is a very effective marketing medium if you are thinking about launching a public event. Compared to using the radio and TV for your ad campaign Authentic Jonathan Quick Jersey , it is much more cost effective especially if you do it wholesale. For a much wider reach, you can always place your posters in and around the site where you intend to do the event Authentic Dustin Brown Jersey , as well as in the nearby cities and localities.

2- As giveaways during business seminars or simply providing your office staff with a marketing effort, a poster can be used. Utilizing the front to do more than just to carry your message can make a world of difference to your marketing efforts? For example Authentic Anze Kopitar Jersey , you can print a calendar at the front with your logo and contact information.

On the other hand, you can use a painting of your local landscape to inspire those who look at them. However Authentic Drew Doughty Jersey , do not forget to always make sure to have your logo and contact information printed. In addition, make sure that you put them in places that your target readers would be able to see them regularly.

3- Posters are great tools to use to spread the word about your products and services Jonathan Quick Jersey , especially if you have new stuff in your inventory. You can just print a poster with your new product and then post it in your store window or inside your shop. That way, your customers will know about your new product or service whenever they buy something in your store.

Finally Dustin Brown Jersey , it allows you to be creative and innovative not only with your design ideas but with the areas where you place them. Having a poster to design lets you to vary and draw a unique marketing campaign, which can help you generate new clients and boost your business.

Katie Marcus writes about the print posters or poster printing technologies used by businesses for their marketing and advertising campaigns.

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No Related Posts Chinese actor Hu Ge in Nirvana in Fire Photo: IC
Just as female audiences in China are being charmed by South Korean actor Song Joong-ki in Descendants of the Sun, South Korean fans of Chinese TV series Nirvana in Fire are falling head over heels for the show‘s leading character Mei Changsu, played by Chinese actor Hu Ge。

Nirvana in Fire, adapted from the novel of the same name, tells the story of Lin Shu, who infiltrates the capital of the Liang Dynasty in the guise of Mei Changsu to get justice for his family, who were wrongly accused of treason 12 years prior, and help his childhood friend gain the throne。

South Korean hit

Many Chinese drama fans can still recall the nightmare that happened to popular drama The Legend of Zhen Huan was edited from its original 76-episode version into a six-episode series for its release in North America。 Fortunately for Nirvana in Fire, the 54-episode series is being shown in its entirety with Korean subtitles in South Korea。

First premiering on South Korean Zhonghua TV on October 19 last year, the series didn‘t have as big an impact as was expected at first。 However, after South Korean fans got used to the similar sounding names of the characters and began figuring out the complicated relationships between them, they soon became crazy about the period drama。

In December, Nirvana in Fire became the most searched daytime TV show in South Korea, surpassing some American dramas such as Games of Thrones season 6。

It‘s worth noting that unlike the Chinese mainland, the show is a pay-per-view series in South Korea。 The current price for Nirvana in Fire is 1,200 won ($1) per episode。 So in total, fans must spend a total of $54 to watch the entire series。 That same month, the show ranked seventh on the list of top-selling foreign dramas in South Korea’s fiercely competitive TV market。

The show has been well received critically。 So far, Nirvana in Fire holds a 9.6 on South Korean web. Cheap Jazz Jerseys   Cheap Heat Jerseys   Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys   Wholesale 76ers Jerseys   Wholesale Paris Saint-Germain Jerseys   Wholesale Liverpool Jerseys   Wholesale Leicester City Jerseys   Wholesale Juventus Jerseys   Wholesale Real Madrid CF Jerseys   Wholesale Inter Milan FC Jerseys

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