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Extra tall floor lamp

If you are looking for a cheap gooseneck lamp for your desk, you should be able to easily find just what you need. Gooseneck lamps are one of the main types of lamps that everyone, from the student to the executive, choose to use on their desks. There is a reason for this and that is because they are incredibly versatile and perfect to use when studying or reading. They are very flexible, and they can bend up and down, and to either side very easily.
There are many different styles when it comes to the gooseneck desk lamp, ranging from the very inexpensive standard gooseneck lamp, to the expensive designer lamp. One of the more common desk lamps is the student lamp. These are commonly all metal, with the same colored stand and metal shade, often they are black, gray, dark blue or red. If pastel colors are your thing, you can easily find lamps with pink or baby blue shades.
Standard office lamps are usually one step up from the regular student lamp. Oftentimes these are made from satin steel or chrome, and they are designed to fit in with a chic office décor. The more flexible the lamp, and the more ways it can turn, the more expensive it usually is.
No matter what style of desk lamp you are looking for, you should be able to find it. Extra tall floor lamp are retro lamps, and artsy styled lamps where the base coils around and around, as opposed to being solid. You can even find antique brass desk lamps. If you are looking for something more than just a desk lamp, be on the lookout for the gooseneck lamps with a built in device. I have seen desk lamps for sale that have a clock built into the base, and another style of lamp that has a built-in MP3 player.  Naturally, these more individualized desk lamps cost slightly more than the regular student desk lamps, depending on the features that they include, but they are usually less expensive than a gooseneck floor lamp.
A standard student style gooseneck desk lamp usually costs somewhere around $25.  If you are going for a more stylish lamp, suitable for an executive desk for example, then you may be looking at outlaying anything from $50 up.  Taking it a step further, the antique style brass gooseneck lamps will set you back over $100, depending on the actual design. Usually, lamps with added features such as a clock, an MP3 player or USB and Ethernet ports cost from $50 up, depending on the features and the quality of the included accessory.
The great thing about these types of lamps is that they are very easy to place so that they shed optimum light on your page. Normally, you would place them to either side of your workspace, depending on whether you are right handed or left handed. If you are using a computer or a laptop, you can adjust them so that they shine directly over the top of your monitor, or you can place them to either side if you are reading off or writing notes onto paper. That’s what makes them the desk lamp of choice for most people–their versatility and the ability to position them wherever they are most needed at the time. You can even buy clip on gooseneck lamps that you can clip to a shelf above your desk, or even to your monitor or the side of your desk.

TROND LED Gooseneck Floor Lamp is wonderful dimmable LED floor lamp with Flexible gooseneck that is perfect for Knitting, crocheting, crafts and reading. With its Flexible gooseneck, you can swivel the lamp head toward wherever you want. This 65” to 70” high deluxe gooseneck LED desk lamp easily fits with your home or office decors. It produces a flicker-free, anti-glare light without ghosting, which effectively reduces eye strain. With a simple touch control panel that offers 5 distinctive lighting temperatures and a 5-level dimmer, so you can choose the ideal light temperature with the right level of brightness to meet your various lighting conditions.
KEDSUM 7W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with flexible gooseneck, touch-sensitive control panel and a three level dimmer that meet your all lighting needs in different light environments. The lighting source of this lamp is reflective LED which provides Natural and non-flickering light to protect your vision and reduce eye fatigue. It includes multi use adjustable clip which is perfect for music stands, Pianos, work tables, mixing tables, bedside, reading, computer desks and craft tables.

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