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Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) can benefit from the use of Assistive Technology (AT). Through the use of AT Cheap Bobby Ryan Jersey , the user can become less dependent on caregivers for prompts. This fosters greater independence and success.

Visual Schedules

Although "paper" schedules are beneficial, many individuals will perform

better when there is also a paired voice prompt. Use simple communication buttons, such as the Talk About! to create" talking" visual schedules. Velcro pictures or objects to each button and place the buttons in the order in which tasks should be completed. Velcro the buttons to a wall Cheap Kyle Turris Jersey , table, or other surface.
If you need a portable, inexpensive voice output visual schedule Cheap Chris Wideman Jersey , Velcro the Talk About! buttons to a Talk n Tote Board.

Sample "talking" visual schedule (place pictures on buttons and record a message on each button):

Morning arrival: "I will put my lunchbox in my cubby."

Morning free time: "I will play with blocks."

Morning activity: "I will set on the red carpet for reading time."

Center Based Tasks

Use communication buttons to record the directions for each center's activity. If the task is a simple one, you could record the instructions on one button. If the task is more complicated (multi-step) considering recording each step of the directions on a Little Step-by-Step. Each time the button is pressed, the next step will be spoken out loud for the user. Or a series of individual communication buttons could be used. Use Time Trackers at each center to provide visual cues for time remaining.

Melt Down Redirection

Individuals with ASD often find it difficult to transition from one activity to another. Using visual schedules is helpful in these transitions. But a visual cue before a task is coming to an end allows these individuals time to "gear up" for a change. Using a visual timer such as the Time Tracker gives individuals with ASD cues about how much time is remaining for a task and when time is coming to an end for an activity. This makes for a smoother transition.

Sometimes people just need a break. Use a communication button with a message like "I need a break". Then set your visual timer to allow for a short break.

Use communication buttons that show various ways to chill out. Let the individual pick the calming activity.

"I can play with my squishy ball."

"I can hide under my weighted blanket."

"I can listen to music."

Record music clips on several Talk About! Buttons and mount them in the "chill out" area. Put pictures that represent the type of music on the button. Then the user can choose what to listen to. Free music downloads for educators can be found at sites such as http:www.adaptivetechsolutions.


Individuals with ASD often need reminders throughout the day in order to stay calm and directed. Record a message with calming techniques on communication buttons that the individual can listen to throughout the day.

For more information about Toys For Handicapped Child to visit website www.adaptivetechsolutions.

LONDON Cheap Dion Phaneuf Jersey , June 1 (Xinhua) -- For decades they were just a set of gates at the entrance to a children's orphanage in Liverpool, until the Beatles recorded their smash hit Strawberry Fields Forever, transforming the bright red gates into a site fans from across the world could visit.

Fifty years on from the UK release of the song Cheap Mike Condon Jersey , the original iconic red gates returned to Liverpool Thursday to go on public display at The Beatles Story museum.

After the gates became famous, the originals were taken into "protective custody" at a secret location. Since 2011, fans have snapped keepsake photographs of replica gates close to the childhood home of Beatle John Lennon.

The display of the original gates forms part of fundraising plans by the Salvation Army charity to redevelop the iconic Strawberry Field site Mike Hoffman Jersey , which finally closed in 2005 as a children's home.

The Salvation Army has unveiled a new plan for the site, which will include a training and work placement hub for young people with learning disabilities and a new exhibition on John Lennon's early life around Strawberry Field.

A spokesman for the Salvation Army said: "Strawberry Field holds a special place in the history of The Beatles, with John Lennon's experiences in and around the children's home providing inspiration for the unforgettable song. He grew up with his Aunt Mimi just a stone's throw away from the site Jean-Gabriel Pageau Jersey , and was said to find peace and refuge in the grounds."

Martin King of The Beatles Story said: "The gates are a real piece of Beatles' history, and it's a privilege to display such a special exhibit at The Beatles Story...We hope that by displaying the gates here it will help raise awareness for the project."

Major Drew McCombe of the Salvation Army said: "Strawberry Field has a very special history, both for its connection to John Lennon and the song Strawberry Fields Forever Craig Anderson Jersey , and for its history as a place for solace for Liverpool's most vulnerable people."

The replica gates were built by Jim Bennett, 60, who spent five years creating them. Bennett used to drive past the gates every day and decided to create the gates as a passion project and to help conserve the originals.

The iconic red gates stood at the entrance of Strawberry Field for more than 100 years. Unlike the replica gates Ryan Dzingel Jersey , which are welded to make them stronger, the originals are held together with rivets, but some sections were missing.

Chinese Premier Li holds talks with German Chancellor Merkel in Berlin

Youngsters celebr.

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