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You the most dark and there may be a need to move to any of the angle

The pilot early 20th century that had to be faced with a strong mission in the eyes of the damage caused by sunlight,.In addition,part of the pilot after the flight,nausea,vomiting,there will be dizziness side effects,also,because the special recourse that was called the company of Ray-Ban of Bausch & Lomb,US Air Force Lieutenant,their pairs a lot of light production sunglasses can be absorbed.After repeated experiments and research and development Ray-Ban,and finally not only beautiful in 1930,not only to prevent the UV eye sunglasses,
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and success in the development of this.Sunglasses Initially,this new invention,there simply pilot goggles.Then,it absorbs sunlight,little difference in heat and vision,in order to facilitate opening,subsequent US gradually,that is not only able to have a protective effect has been found.Since many of the girls of mind of US soldiers become prince,as a result,good looks and neat uniforms and cool sunglasses,wind.During the Second World War,US Admiral MacArthur,he smoked a pipe,the image of 佩戴 thunder popular friends,you are wearing off the sunglasses,the people also,some to the general sunglasses hero of love I asked.Ray-Ban sunglasses,has become a famous brand sought after by the public.

Air Jordan RetroPolarizer,the clear vision so the nature of the light,to be able to track the transmission axis in the visual image of the eye,in order to eliminate stray light,are manufactured in accordance with polarized lenses and the principle of the filter of the light.Sunglasses,and is used in the lens of the camera.Operating principle PL is the role of the mirror to increase the contrast,it is reflected in the optical filter.It works by filtering the light from the selectively specific direction.
new balance 574runSky dark pressure,thereby weakening the intensity of light in the sky,it can increase the contrast between the thing door blue sky and white clouds filtering the many diffusion of polarization.The darkest in the sky of the viewfinder,the darkest between the most appeared 90 degrees,and look through the viewfinder to rotate by shooting the most obvious difference between the mirror effect,specific.You the most dark and there may be a need to move to any of the angle between the bright.By adjusting the polarizing plate can be effectively filtered in PL lenses,weaken,or generally polarized to eliminate reflective metallic surface (metal surface,the light does not operate polarization microscopy,polarized is reflected back not) can reflect light quality improves,so as to increase the sharpness of the screen and reflects this part of the subject.As fish clear water is captured,
Nike Air Max    for example,by using a polarizer,it is possible to reduce reflection surface.When you shoot such a scene,there is a tendency that the projection angle of the light source and the camera of the camera angle is consistent,need the maximum deflection angle between 30? 40 degrees.When you turn the front lens group to slowly adjust,you can use the time to filter through efforts to the reflecting surface in order to minimize the scene.Further,the polarizing plate,a polarizer as image capture is more pure,since it is possible to absorb the stray light reflected in different directions and dusts or mists in the air,improve the contrast,color saturation It can be improved.For example,in many cases,in order to photograph the colorful pictures,
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and using a polarizing microscope to take still pictures,flower photo.In landscape photography,and useful flower photos,and when photographing a specific relatively strong reflection landscape.landscape drawn to the excellent result,a polarizing plate is used when shooting a cloud.Light blue sky and white clouds refractive index of,is much larger than the scattered light.Polarizer also,you can green of the leaves to use a more elimination of saturated colors and low angle city scene shade fog.2 composition And a polarizing plate body,into two parts by the lens and the lattice consisting of microcrystalline glass attached,the seat back frame to rotate the lens body it.When rotated,the person who is not a grid polarizer likely,
shark nike for sale    it will be polarized parallel to the line that was blocked.Thus,control,a polarizer for selecting the parallel light reflected record number (this is the light that was reflected polarized).This is the polarizing plate can be removed or reduce the non-metallic surface reflection of the truth.However,it was bluish most polarizing microscope a little.To stop while shooting in vibration,it will be the polarization direction of the same portion of the non-polarized light.To avoid color screen,a plurality of files in order to increase the exposure is generally too dull.Classification By usingSki gogglesFishing mirrorPolarization drive mirrorOutdoor Sports mirrorGolf GlassesMaterialGlassResin materialTAC lens materialAccording to the principle point,Circularly polarized light microscope (below CPL)Linear polarizer of (referred to as LPL)LPL is mainly used in the old-fashioned manual focus camera.Add a layer of 1/4 wavelength of the film,after,this film is CPL display have special properties,in one direction (eg,x) while its vertical,/ 2 phase shift π polarization of the electric vector
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