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NANNING, May 31 (Xinhua) -- Xin Xin, 14, does not expect any gifts on International Children's Day, as he has lived a life he describes as "pretty much like an orphan."

Xin Xin, which is not his real name, was born in rural Henan Province. He was taken to the provincial capital Zhengzhou by his parents, but was left there alone when they moved again for work.

"When they told me I was to be left alone, I thought they were joking," he recalled.

Now three years have passed and he is used to life without them. He gets up at 6 a.m., goes to school by bus and, after school, returns to the "trust class," a private boarding site where students without parental care are given accommodation.

China has 270 million migrant workers, one fifth of the country's population. According to the Education Ministry, unlike most children left behind in rural hometowns, around 10 million children are brought to cities by migrant worker parents. When parents find new jobs, many of their children are left behind in cities, with all their urban temptations, threatening the kids' physical and mental health.

Xin Xin and 20 more students in similar conditions have been in the boarding class for up to six years. Although teachers take care of him and he plays with classmates, Xin Xin would rather stay at school as the boarding class is "boring."

Sometimes at night, he is found under his quilt, crying. "I just miss my parents," he said.

Mobile phone is the only way to communicate with his parents. "Although they are unable to help with my studies, their voices are comforting," he said. "They work very hard to make money, and I won't let them down."


Worried about their safety, Nong Lanfang told her kids over the phone not to go out on Children's Day. Watching television has become their only entertainment.

Nong left her 11-year-old daughter and eight-year-old son back in Nanning, capital of south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region when she and her husband moved for Huizhou City in neighboring Guangdong Province to work.

"I know it's not good to leave them alone, but we have no choice," said Nong. They could not find a school in Huizhou, and they decided the rural school back at their hometown was "inferior."

The family had to repay a loan on their house, so asked their grandmother to take care of the kids in Nanning.

It is common for migrant workers like Nong to change jobs and cities, but their children cannot just be transferred to any urban schools they want.

Sun Yu, 15, stayed in Zhengzhou with his younger sister as they could not bear being held back another grade. Their parents are now working in Shijiazhuang, 400 kilometers away.

"I was held back a grade when my parents moved here a few years ago," said Sun. The transfer left him with few friends. Sun said he was old enough not to miss his parents, believing studying hard was the only way to repay the family. Their grandmother is in Zhengzhou to take care of them.

They live in a 10-square-meter house which costs 600 yuan (91 U.S. dollars) per month. The neighborhood will soon be demolished to give way for modern residential communities. "We don't know what will happen if the house is demolished, as we can't afford to rent an apartment," Sun said.


There are no statistics on rural children taken to cities and abandoned there. At No. 76 High School in Zhengzhou, 80 percent of students are children of migrant workers, and there are nearly 300 in the same sad situation as Xin Xin and Sun Yu, according to Chen Guangrong, vice president of the school.

Some are in boarding class like Xin Xin, others are under the care of relatives, Chen said.

Parents leave their children in cities instead of back at home because of what they see as better educational resources. Cities may have better facilities, but they also harbor more temptations.

Teacher Song Junmei said children without parental care tend to have problems like truancy, fighting, Internet addiction and drugs. One of her students stole cellphones and money for Internet surfing because his family cut off his allowance.

Psychologist Wang Xiangnan wants the government to work out the size of the problem and address the issue.

"These children are an emerging phenomenon that needs public attention. Lack of family values in an urban environment may lead to disaster," he said.

Wang advised volunteers, such as university students, to do all they can for these children to help them deal with their problems.

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