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iously unrealistic

It is obviously unrealistic to sum up complicated life with a few words. Life is accumulated and gathered from bit by bit, and slowly becomes rich and colorful. Take the taste of the Chinese people, the world is the first place in the world. It is roughly divided into East Spicy West, South Sweet and Salty. It is said that the eastern coast is warm, humid and rainy, it is difficult to wick sweat, and it is easy to get rheumatism and spleen and stomach disease. Eating spicy can chill and wick away. The west of China is located in the loess and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau Marlboro Gold. The soil contains more calcium, and the diet will produce more stones. Eat acid can neutralize. The warm food of the fish and rice town of Jiangnan is relatively high in sugar content. Cold and dry Northland vegetables are rare, in order to store long-lasting non-corrosive, a large number of pickled Newport Cigarettes Coupons, developed a habit of eating salty. There is also stinky tofu that smells stinky, eats fragrant, cowpea with mold, bitter gourd with natural fragrance and so on. The difference in geographical environment and customs has created a colorful and amazing Chinese food culture Parliament Cigarettes. I have already said too much about my childhood growth experience Cigarettes For Sale, not to mention. When I walked into a strange city from the countryside, at first glance, I was a prosperous mirage. But when I was in the car, I heard their words and deeds, but I felt the strength of the people in this city. All in all, the city is full of luxury and tacky winds. There are too many money worships, and the temper is not reasonable, but also warm, and generous to go to justice and sincerity. The contradiction has arisen since then, and it has not been solved until now. I think that it is necessary to unravel now. Perhaps it is accustomed to the desolate behind the bustling city, or perhaps because of the slowness of time. Slowly feel the warmth of the human condition. To say that there is no despair, it must be the lie that one escapes from birth. For a youth without roots, it is very difficult to live in a strange city. When I was very contradictory and very difficult, I also tried to leave here. When sorrow flows into the river, when happiness is short-lived, the only remaining is the silent sigh and desolate. After living so hard for so long, I discovered that I was just talking about everything in this city. I just kept thinking about it. I just wanted to look at it every night, but I never really calmed down and tried hard. Picking up the confidence, when I came back here, I saw that the first look of the city was so beautiful, and there was an inexplicable impulse. It turns out that behind the sadness here, there is always the life I want Marlboro Lights.

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