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Roulette Betting Strategy

Continuing a series of useful Roulette tactics for gold wheel betting. Today, xoc dia 79  will introduce to you another betting strategy of professional punters who has nearly a decade of experience playing Roulette without everyone knowing.
Roulette betting strategy 3-2
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How to play:
Players who follow Roulette 3-2 strategy will choose one of the following two bet types:
Place 3 units of bets on the red box and 2 units of bets on row 2
Or place 3 units on the black box and 2 units bet on the first row
For example: If a unit bet is 10k and you choose to place 1, then the specific bet will be:
30k in the red box. 1: 1 feeding ratio
20k to the 2nd row. The ratio of 1: 2
Total bet of 1 game is 50k
Explain advantages when placing a 3-2 bet strategy
The probability of winning each game is high:
If 5, 14, 23 and 32 are out => Win 70k - 11% chance
If the number: 2, 8, 11, 17, 20, 26, 29, 35 => Win 10k - probability 21%
If different numbers are shown but are red = = Win 10k - Probability 41%
If different numbers and black box => Lose 50k - Probability 27%
Thus, you can see that the probability of losing is significantly reduced to only 27% while the probability of winning is up to 73%.
Advantages of tactics:
Reduce the risk of losing natural bets significantly
Increase the probability of winning high
Also increase the maximum bet win to> 100%. (Specifically 140% of the bet capital as in the above example)
Suitable for new players who have not had experience choosing a bet. It is possible to apply the formula mechanically without much thought, still firmly winning.
Disadvantages of tactics
The probability of winning is high, but the amount won is not much. So it will take time and requires patience to achieve the desired profit.
It is not possible to flexibly change the bets. There are only 2 bet options.
The above is a pretty good betting strategy based on math and has also been applied by many professional punters. I also have a lot of brothers and sisters starting to "start a business" and make a profit from this 32 strategy.
Hope the newcomer can also learn to apply for yourself.
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