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What is Sicbo? Instructions on how to play sicbo effectively

Sicbo (also known asgame tài xỉu ) is a betting game based on 3 extremely simple dice. This game originated in China and is currently very popular in online casinos. So what is sicbo in particular, how to play?
1. What is Sicbo?
Sicbo is also known as xóc đĩa đổi thưởng . This game uses 3 dice (dice). Each dice has 6 sides, each face will have 1-6 red dots respectively, corresponding to 1-6 points. Players will proceed to place bets on the betting odds with different odds. After the player has made a bet, 3 dice will be shaken in a small jar and then opened. The result of the game will be based on the sum of the three dice.
The way to play Sicbo is very simple, can be played anytime and anywhere so this game is increasingly popular worldwide. Let's learn about methods, how to play sicbo in the next section.
2. Types of sicbo bets
Bet types of sicbo in Fun88 are diverse, professional. You can choose from many different bet types, which ones have a high probability of winning, suitable for you to choose.
Over / under betting
Sic Bo: Total of 3 dice from 4 to 10 points in total
Big Bet: Total of 3 dice from 11 to 17 points
Odd / Even bets
Odd / Even bets will win when the sum of the three dice is an odd number (5, 7, 9,11,13,15,17).
Even Bet: Even bets win when the sum of all three dice is an even number (4,6, 8,10,12,14,16)
3. Betting numbers
If you place a bet on any of the numbers in the dice in "Number Bets" at the bottom of the table, the bet will win when the result of 1 of the 3 dice shows the correct number you have chosen.
Bet three
Bet 3 dice to have the same score together. There are 2 types of bets:
+. Specific 3-fold bet: Will win when all 3 dice show the same number that you have chosen.
+ Any 3 bet: Will win when all 3 dice show the same number. (from set 1 to set of 6)
Double bets
This means that you will bet that 2 of the 3 dice will have the same score. There are 2 types of bets:
+. Doubles bet: Will win when 2 of the 3 dice must show 1 pair. (from double 1 to double 6)
+. Exact pair bet: Will win when 2 of the 3 dice show the exact pair you have selected.
Bet the total number of points
You only need to bet the sum of 3 dice, totaled from 4-17 to choose. A bet is won when all three dice show the exact total number of points you have chosen
Tips to play sicbo effectively
After learning about how to play, the types of bets, many people still care about online sicbo tactics to always win. Here our experts will share with you some of the most effective sicbo tips being applied by many players and have been successful.
3. Understand the rules of sicbo
Despite the rules, the rules, the way of playing sicbo is not too difficult. But not so subjective, forgetting the important job is to learn about the game in advance.
The new players often will not know the betting method, the exact rules of the bet as long time players. That is why the experience of seizing, carefully studying sicbo is so important.
4. Limit the way big bets
Many people think that making a big bet to win all the hands is much more than a small bet. But this is wrong. When small bets win or lose, they can still maintain their capital, look out for their flaws, grasp the better rules to correct mistakes for later bets.
During the game, please keep awake, lucid to give yourself the best bet.
Financial control, stop playing at the right time
Regardless of playing any game as bắn cá tiên 3d , there is a certain financial limit. Because when you play sicbo or many other gambling games very passionate, it is difficult to get rid of.
Therefore, it is necessary to use a cold head to control all problems. Specify the amount of money and budget for playing. When all that money is won or lost will definitely stop playing.
Playing so will help you play better long term

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