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xóc đĩa đổi thưởng  is a folk card game with an easy and fast way of playing, so it is increasingly popular in today's society. With just a plate, a bowl and a coin, you can join this fun. But although it is very common that not everyone knows the rules of the game to win themselves. The following article will cover the way to play the disc always wins.
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History of the game of disc shock:
Before being introduced to Vietnam, this game originated in the Three Kingdoms period. In China at this time, soldiers who had idle times thought of this game to have fun, and then later, because of its simplicity and attractiveness, shockwashing became the game that many people responded and produced. Currently in many countries around the world.
When it was first born, the rules of the disc game were primitive and primitive. People play with 4 coins, use the plate containing 4 coins and then take a large bowl face down finally the shock.
The parties participating in this xóc đĩa offline  will proceed to place bets and open bets. The way to identify the cafeteria at that time is the same as now, it is determined based on the sides of the coin when opening the bowl. There are ways to distinguish as follows: when 4 faces face up or face to face will be even, two face to face face to face even and three face to face to be odd.
As for how to play in Vietnam today, there is no coin instead of paper or dice depending on the player's choice and can be played with plastic dishes to avoid chipping.
The way to play disk always wins
1. Apply mathematical rules to the game
According to research, the subject of statistical probability refers to the problem of calculating the number of occurrences of a certain value. You can learn and apply this rule to the game, which can bring a big win for you.
Or you can use the exponential method: in the first game, you should not bet too much money to avoid losing and losing. You can bet 1 in the first game, then bet twice in the next game, so until the end you will definitely eat at least one game.
2. Wait for the opportunity to bet
This trick needs to use your quick senses. When the chance to win comes, you need to bet quickly and have to bet on many different tables. It is necessary to observe whether the administrator uses a one-door trick, if so, only one door will be placed and if not, the opposite door will be placed.
3. At first put even, then change odd:
This is a fairly used way among disc jerk players when the house shows signs of cheating while playing. This method does not apply to the big, reputable bookmakers and is only used once during the course of play because if you use a lot of detected you will be the opposite of the house and then you will lose.
4. Not in a hurry, impulsive, must slowly, patiently observe:
Observing calm is a soft skill that is applied in all games and in life, not just in shock. During the game, you need to keep in mind all the results of the previous wagers and carefully calculate for your next bet because the parity rate for the bookmakers is transparent, without the trick. 50:50.
Above are the tips on how to play thexóc đĩa onlinealways wins. The most important thing when you join this game is to always be in control of yourself and stop the moment. Don't get too deep into betting to avoid losing too much money.

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