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Preventing Ear Ringing

Although buying two Hearing Aids instead of one can make it quite Sonus Complete Reviews  expensive, the benefits could well outweigh the costs. Many wearers have stated that having Aids in both ears is the only way to experience the 3 dimensional lives we live in. It has been shown that sufferers of hearing loss who have only one Aid has been less satisfied with it than sufferers with two Aids. With the introduction of Completely in the Channel Hearing Aids sufferers can now wear their Aids without the feeling of embarrassment as the Aid is almost invisible.

Noise, especially loud noise, is one of the major causes of hearing loss. Our ears are made up of an outer ear which includes the ear channel. This feeds the sounds picked up into the ear drum. The ear drum vibrates as the sound hits it, causing the three tiny bones in the middle ear to vibrate and amplify the sounds.

tiny bones of the middle ear are connected to the inner ear which contains a snail like structure called the Cocklea. This is filled with liquid and also contains very fine hair cells. When the sound reaches the Cocklea it causes the fine hair cells to vibrate according to the vibrations reaching them. Some of these fine hairs are tuned to high frequency sounds whereas others to lower frequency sounds. There are fine hairs covering the full range of Audio sound.

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