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Great music, very entertaining
   Lily Nyon
Used it for a coffee table cover. Fit as expected
I am still using this crib sheet outside of its intended purposes.  It is probably getting time to replace it soon though.  It has been on a tight stretch over my coffee table for 2 years now.  Only 1 or 2 little holes from the cat claws when she jumps up on the table.  It washes well, returns almost back to its original shape before I stretch the fire out of it again putting it back on the table.  If it can take the abuse I have put it through as a table cover, I am sure that it will hold up well in a crib.  Just my 2 cents.
   Mohamed Ahmed
large enough cover the pillow and not come off!  They are soft and perfect!
   Natasha Haira Nuks
Length is way too long. Said it was going to be 30" but it is way longer
   Chrissy Torres

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