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Ye Jian mention outside the

autumn of the town area casino business, Ye Jian mention outside the organization (Hong Kong) triad "and wins, and" members of the town in a fresh water with a certain "Wild status "Wong Kam six, Chen Shunjiang chopped, making their own organizational reputation rapidly.2004, Ye Jian mention co-defendants and other organizations under the auspices of dozens of people in Hong Kong triad "water room to help" two "touts" (handled separately), the long autumn leaves town built mentioning operated Tyurin night Rain dance hall inductionsupra society cheap
  ceremony was held in the form of the establishment of the leaf tissue build mention the "summit" status in the organization, and set strict discipline: not allowed to betray brothers, are not allowed to seduce Yisow between brothers bliss difficult same when, to the brothers do not like gold.Monopoly pig slaughter1992, Ye Jian mention, Ye Jianjun, who has opened seven companies, seeking financial support, engaged in the operation of illegal lending, real estate development, acquisition scrap, pig slaughtering business. Since 1999, Ye Jian mention by way of violence, a monopoly on violence soft Huiyang District freshwater, along autumn long pig slaughtering industry.The industry's monopoly since 1991. At that time, the town government decided long autumn autumn of town within the range achieved by the pig slaughtering licenses autumn of the town center and Li Wei slaughterhouse slaughterhouse operators the right to send Shuimi pig slaughtering business. In order to obtain the qualification pig slaughtering, Ye Jian mention the organization sent personnel the right to interfere with business activities Wei, Li Wei is transferred while hog business license matters, but was rejected. In mid-May 1998, Ye

Jianjun directs staff in the fall of hair Shuimi slaughterhouse beat Lee Wai Kuen, and in May 26, 1999 will be forced to sign Lee Wai Kuen Fat pig slaughterhouse Shuimi its business license transferred to the agreement.November 1, 1999, Ye Jian mention its name and "Jian company" in the name and autumn of town People's Government signed a five-year contract, the contractor autumn of the town center slaughterhouse franchise. Monopoly autumn of town pig slaughtering business, built during leaf extract iron pipes and other arrangements for carrying cowboys to long autumn Inspection Unit in the name of the town government, secretly seized foreign pork, allowed the villagers nike air yeezy 2 sale
secretly slaughtered, found a fine. In order to get more profits, then the pig slaughter households receive 200 to 1,000 yuan monthly management fee ranging.Expropriation of land for the GovernmentOn the other hand, leaves the land occupied by force built Tilly.Beginning in 2003, Ye Jian mentioning "Jian company" joint Huiyang Deyi Industry Development Co., Ltd., and autumn of town People's Government signed a land contract, the two companies jointly contracted by the long autumn autumn long town government is located in the town of Lu Wang Shannan 1302 acres of public forests for afforestation purposes. But Ye Jian Tilly occupied by non-contracting scope of the contract, planting eucalyptus on 543 acres of forest common to all three groups of villagers tea per village, and to prohibit the villagers up the mountain.In 2010, Ye Jian mention organizations to come forward for Huiyang Economic Development Zone is located in the imposition of Yeung Uk Tsuen over 30,000 square meters of land. Because the price is too low, most of the villagers do not want to sign the

land contract. To this end, Ye Jian mention of personnel door to door for the villagers did not agree to put pressure causing villagers signature.Finally, Yeung Uk Tsuen price of 400 yuan per square meter, the transfer of more than 30,000 square meters of land use rights to the leaf tissue Prosperity built mentioning the company. Prosperity company subsequently resell the land at a price of 420 yuan per square meter, transferred to Huiyang Economic Development Zone Management Committee. Huiyang Economic Development Zone Management Committee after these three pieces of land expropriation for land consolidation, through competitive bidding in the form of good econazole purchased by Huizhou City Investments Limited. Since then, the place is good econazole Investments Limited backfill project land contracted to Prosperity companies.air jordan 13 sale
Illegal lending to reap huge profitsFrom January 2009, Ye Jianjun invested 500 million to establish the "Jinlong" operating range of small and medium enterprises in Guangdong Province, and natural persons to provide credit guarantee services and real estate development operations. After its establishment, has been engaged in illegal money lending business. Between 2009-2012, "Jinlong" lent a total of 20.38 million yuan will be more than 200 people, receive monthly interest ranging from 4-8 points per month, a total charge interest 16,495,480 yuan.May 25, 2009,  mention organizations such as Ye Jian who invested 500 million to establish the "mountains company", but actually has been engaged in illegal money lending business, the shareholders of the company's total lending of 200 million, received 4-10 minutes per month ranging from monthly interest. 2010, other than members of the organization were invested 2 million yuan established "Huixin company" illegal lending about $ 1.5 million charge monthly interest ranging from 4-6 points per month.In addition, Ye Jian mention also reap huge profits from the project through the fictional Agricultural Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank lending millions of dollars for illegal

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