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When the State Bureau for

After graduating from college, He Yigan been engaged in community volunteer service.When the State Bureau for Letters stakeholders to work yesterday to disclose a number of reforms in the petition the State Information Office press conference, public response to the case and petition Jizhong star "black jails" and "classes" problem. Conference also announced the total amount of the first petition: January - air jordan cp3 iv
October, the total amount of letters of 6,040,000, a decrease of 2.1% over last year, in which rural land requisition, demolition of urban housing, labor and social security is the most prominent three letters fields. Based on projections, the national average daily volume of 20,000 letters around.Mass petition fellDeputy director of the State Bureau for Letters En Yuxi said, this year's petition situation is generally stable, down 2.1% from the total amount of the petition, but the number is quite large.Compared to previous years, this year there have been some letters and visits new changes. One is that large-scale collective petitions fell 3.1 percent, more than 50 large-scale collective petitions fell 12.9%. This shows that the order of petitioning improved. In addition, the masses rise

letters, visits declined, reflecting the petitioners petition implement a more rational behavior; masses initial letters and the first one fell, indicating the occurrence of new problems, especially the issue of the new year decrease occurred.Government departments are no longer accepting Litigation Petition LetterIn all the letters in Complaint Letters and Visits account for a large proportion. Litigation will Petition Letter of major reforms: to incorporate them into law enforcement authorities to solve, the petition departments will no longer be accepteair jordan 4 womens
d.Deputy director of the State Bureau for Letters Li Gao, said yesterday that the Complaint Letters and Visits, letters and departments to take "three noes" policy: will not be accepted, not assigned, uncoordinated. Entertained that petition departments should not be accepted or has entered into the judicial process to solve problems, not assigned, that is a problem for law-related Litigation masses are not reflected in the letter assigned, according to the procedure according to the law be transferred to the law enforcement authorities, lack of coordination, the Petition departments uncoordinated legal and litigation matters involving the petition.Responses to "black jails" and "Petition classes."In recent years, there have been individual local groups leapfrog petition was sent to the petitioners' petition classes "or even thrown into the" black jail "phenomenon.Li Gao responded yesterday, the State Bureau for Letters repeated demands, limiting their normal petition banned in any form, is not allowed to retaliate against petitioners. For some places do classes, bar, cards, letters and personnel to intercept the behavior of the State Bureau for Letters

discovered handled leniency.He said the petition to smooth their normal channels, to protect the rights of their normal petition, the State Bureau for Letters to the masses is neither normal visits to local informed, nor as a basis for assessing local, if found to solve the problem is not in place in some places legitimate rights and interests of the masses is not in place to maintain, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the masses is not in place, but also to be accountable. For online heat transfer Xiamen University, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages Ji Yuhua "Pornographic" incident, Xiamen University, responded yesterday by the media, remains as teaching, but has stepped down as President. For this, Ji Yuhua feel cheated, and refers to the woman's extortion, the public security organs alarm. The school will be dealt with according supra vaider sale
to the findings of the police.The school was the first time I question Ji YuhuaXiamen University Party Committee Propaganda Department official said, the school after discovering network transmission "Pornographic" issue, namely Ji Yuhua my question."The understanding, discipline teacher had intercourse with this woman, Ji Yuhua feeling is being deceived, and later developed into the woman's extortion. Has been reported to the police before the discipline teachers, post it on the Internet and then reported the matter to the police." The person in charge introduction, Ji Yuhua said other fraud convictions, and repeatedly lying. "She is not in Chongqing university teachers are vagrants, using the name, identity, her parents work are false."Heat transfer broke the news on the Internet, the 54-year-old Dean, School of Foreign Languages, Xiamen University, Ji Yuhua accuse

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