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but other companies a look at

nderstand, measure the same place, how will the two reports  In the end what is true  Still not reliable. We als

o tried to re-survey commissioned by another company, but other companies a look at this case, are afraid to take. "According to "pitch Shenyang residential buildings and residential sunshine regulations", the construction unit to apply for the city nike free 3.0 v4 for sale
planning department planning approval procedures, to provide construction project sunshine impact analysis report. Sunshine impact analysis report must be completed by have A, Class B or Class A planning and design qualification architectural design qualification units. Construction units and planning, architectural design units to deal with the impact analysis report submitted sunshine and responsible for the authenticity of other materials."This project is simply not up to operating condition." Ben saw the evidence provided by the owner of Wah Shing, Kaisa Center project was made "construction project planning license" in 2012, while residents confirmed early In 2010, the project has already started construction. Sheng Wah owners questioned, Kaisa Center project before construction approval did not blackout matters prior hearings and publicity to the surrounding residents, nor with neighboring residents to negotiate shading compensation and related procedures are not complete, then Kaisa Center project How "approval" to start the construction of it To this end, Ben interviewed Kaisa Shenyang General Manager Wang school, Wang said Kaisa center of this project is the focus of the Golden Corridor project, then in order to meet the Games, accelerate Golden Corridor along the urban construction, the government Kaisa Center project in procedures on the development of a special policy to not allow the project to complete the procedure and, indeed, started construction in accordance with government requirements.It is understood that, as early as last November 20, Wah Shing on one hundred residents came to the Shenyang Municipal

Planning Bureau built Tribunal, questioning Kaisa Center project planning approval, the Director of the inhabitants Zhaoxing presented the 2011 Shen He District Government to the City Planning Board "About Kaisa Center project planning approval letter related issues." The letter promised by the government is responsible for coordinating Shenhe construction unit reached an agreement with the residents to undertake economic compensation, relocation and other forms of compensation liability. As economic problems, the government is responsible for coordinating Shenhe resolved. Shenyang Municipal Planning Bureau for the "construction project planning license" and other administrative documents for the project raised any petitions, lawsuits and other disputes, the City Planning Board may not do the reception, coordinated by the Shenhe government resolved to ensure social stability.People Liaoning channels provided by the owners of this letter see, Shen He District Governmennew balance 574 mens
t letter did make the main responsibility as a responsible commitment to social stability, in which a commitment wrote: "The current construction unit has to My district government to pay 10 million yuan deposit for resolving any petition, litigation and compensation for blocking sunlight and other problems caused. "Wah Shing owners believe that it is this paper promise, only to Kaisa in the absence of consultation with shading residents received a "planning permit", only to damage the interests of the majority of owners, Shen He District government hopes these 10 million bond to explain the 17th U.S. President Barack Obama said in a statement, a South Korean passenger shocked to learn the unfortunate event of a serious accident, causing heavy casualties and missing, especially including many young students, is deeply distressing. He said that on behalf of the American people and Michelle families of the victims

expressed deep condolences.Obama said the Korea-US alliance between the two countries have maintained a strong relationship between the two peoples enjoy profound friendship. U.S. Navy has dispatched emergency relief teams to the incident area search and rescue work. The United States stands ready to provide the necessary support and assistance to the ROK.Obama also held a press conference in the afternoon keynote speech, again to the Korean shipwreck victims and their families expressed condolences and sympathy.Obama will play the 25th on a two-day state visit to South Korea. This is Park Geun-hye government since the establishment of Obama's first visit. Before the visit to South Korea, Obama initially from the 23rd to the three-day state visit to Japan. Following South Korea and Japan, Obama will be 26-28 and 28-29, new balance 420 womens
Malaysia and Philippines and Colombia have access to well-known writer, 1982 Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Márquez 17 pm due to illness in Mexico City died at the age of 87 years.Colombian President Manuel Santos on the day of their personal micro-Bo said, Marquez is the greatest Colombians, great man never died.President of Mexico, Pe?a Nieto said that day, he died in the name of the state of today's greatest writers condolences and regret that Marquez makes Latin American magic realism literature to the world.On May 31, Marquez admitted for pneumonia and related diseases treatment, was discharged home on the 8th of this month to receive conservative treatment. On Monday, his condition deteriorated again.Marquez in March 1927 was born on 6 Colombia, in 1961 moved to Mexico to continue to engage in literature, journalism and film work. Marquez is the magic realism literary representative, won the Nobel Prize f

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