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an individual phenomenon

The representative director said that disobey the Ji's behavior all at last wants to return to knot a Communist Party of China discipline punishment regulation according to details such of authority norm inside.The party discipline punishes to divide five files, the critique never accounting into a file educates to tallestly dismiss a party affiliation, Ji's checking a section will carry on a careful survey while checking to handle a case a piece, in addition to disobeying concrete details of the behavior of Ji, also synthesize consideration drive the factors, such as attitude and match circumstance...etc. of investigator, also consider admitting mistake an attitude, match with a circumstance and denounce to reveal a circumstance etc..On the other hand, the Ji check section carries out case will after a survey process of careful delicacy, the notification that finally will form a detailed files of document, but outward announce usually communicates officially a little bit in brief, includes origin of matter andnike air max 1 for sale
punishment result, don't include to handle a case a lot of medium concrete circumstance, therefore, will make parts of persons have the amount of money is greatly warning, the amount of money is small to on the contrary and seriously warn doubt of punishment standard like this.Punish to Gao Yi Dang or low a the influence of the file upon a person is very big, warn into a file, will have influence to his political lives, therefore, survey and assess and decide a processing result all very careful, Ji checks to inspect a section survey over circumstance after, the case takes up the room has been taken up, if feel

Punish to settle weigh, will put forward an opinion to let Ji Wei often the Wei will study.Cause some case period longer like this, for example they check to do one to look not to calculate serious case and also passed by period for three month.But these punishment, if being punished a person to think is too strick, can according to related report regulation to carry on reporting, the department concerned will carry on accepting according to the procedure.(Reporter, Li Ze Wei, )recently, the king who lives Fu in Liaoning to receive county old river soil plum dint in the town plank village in the house is clearly virtuous anxious, suffer don't meet for 60 years of drought, there is a well on the old king's ground head, can simply become a decoration due to having no the water conservancy facilities of kit.The farm goods that looking at with each passing day withered Huang, old Wang Yu cries to have no tears:Each ly only seed, turn fatty, the agrochemical throw in many money, don't even lift to take how much physical nike air max 2013 buy online
labor.Not the one peanut of the distance ground inside, villager, Liu Xiao Guang, uses from buy of spray the machine pulled to water from the home and sprinkled water for peanut, don't get to 100 meters outside have already had a well, but well inside already knot last very thick spider's net.The reporter discovers in the local interview, the old king's situation isn't an individual phenomenon.Choosing an address isn't appropriate, existence leave well, water well becomes decoration villager Lee carefully there are 4 acres in the week house much, in 2012 village inside at

Fixed a cement road that leads to a neighborhood in ground in his house, at 3 acres with only left his house much in, and then beat 4 saliva wells.I at the beginning feel that road's fixing flank in ground in my house, and sprinkling ground is convenient, don't toward village want any repair.Old Lee tells a reporter.Is exactly this 4 people's well, let old Lee is on the fire.The reporter borrows to come to skin Chinese foot, wood rod and hand to give or get an electric shock etc. tool and carried on on-the-spot diagraph to water well.More than 200 rices grow a ditch Long inside, only two people has water in the four people well, the one mouthful depth of another two people is two meters, one mouthful depth is 4.3 meters.Fish for through flashlight and wood rod, the reporter discovers, these two people's wells aren't blocked by the accident, but basically didn't continue to downwards beat, while the well outside still kept constructing to mark the well set of agriculture hair well.The reporter notices, all of these nike air max 95 for sale
water wells are distributed the lately- fixed cement is wayside, 800 meters grow of cement road two sides distribute 13 saliva wells, and all is being apart from a wayside not to arrive the scope of 5 meters inside.In this 13 saliva wells, have the two people false well, the one mouthful has no water, rest of all can use, but because lack kit facilities, the farm goods of both sides almost and all loses plant.At horizontal wear the only a highway of the village-big white the line is two sides, fix in the one mouthful on the hillside

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