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independent committee affairs

See fit to:Public welfare organization oneself affirmation welcomes to leave retiree to join, this contributes to organization to raise a style, and strengthen with government of contact.But she also means and leaves retiree to work, each beneficial fraud, concretely analyze.BE after retiring turned by government identity to the social identity, the affair facing is different.He how treat his own identity and work, have a clearly in order to organize the idea of independent operation, will can't take into administration, bureaucrat that set of, these all get concrete analysis.The super 70% net friend supports NGOturn to the administration this time survey can see, 73.3% net friends support public welfare organization's carrying on turn to the administration very much, and the noise of shouting of reform for the publics is very high.The Gu western Jin thinks that responsibility and power definition that the public has already had idea, feels a government and social organization have to be clear, this kind of viewpoint nike free 3.0 v4 men's shoes
is very good.The public college of management creative and social responsibility research director, Deng Guo, in the center of Chin Hua university wins an explanation, turning to the administration is to turn with administration opposite should of concept, namely public welfare the organization not can manage according to the mode of the administration organization, but carry on a management according to the regulation of nonprofit public welfare organization oneself.The argument of the government functionary withdraws public-spirited charity organization

The theory once became popular once and henceforth tried government-operated and kind organization in succession everywhere of to the administration turned and turned a foundation, and transformed to lift soon, restored the civil true colors of part of public-spirited organization.But the government functionary don't serve as to want a job to just turn a ly to the administration and also include administration Class, finance independence and activity from settle etc. contents.But'go to administration and turn'more important of, still keep truely building up the system of modern public-spirited organization, organize the characteristic of oneself and carry on management and luck camp according to the public welfare.Deng Guo wins to add a way.The public welfare organization reform can draw lessons from five from four had no the experts thought, from come to see currently, completing turn to the administration of public-spirited organization the difficulty is still very big.Gu west the Jin mean:The reform of the governmentnike free run 2 womens
-operated public-spirited organization raises a Wei Jian, and involves the whole government system change.Lay aside red meeting and charity party, Sung to celebrate age foundation these quasi- government organs, the general public welfare organization needs to strictly define a condition, don't give so many criticize especially.The way that can study previous profession association in Guangdong reform, 'five from four have no'(voluntarily start, from choose president of association, self-raised budget, from hire personnel, independent committee affairs, have no administration Class, have no the administration business draw up, have no the administration business supervisor's section

, Have no present post the national organization staff member is part-time), stipulating must keep white very much.This all applies to majority of organizations.Deng Guo wins to also think, it has been more than 20 years since reform shouted, in addition to Guangdong waits flourishing foreland profession the association to the administration and turns reform to make progress a little bit quickly, majority of in the provinces, including the public-spirited organization of national level, the administration turns a color still seriously.Is the most important, still need to make a firm decision, secondly, divide realm and divide a stage, actively push forward.For example, well study and draw lessons from etc. ground in Guangdong profession association reform of experience, gradually expand in the national scope.(The reporter allows Shan)the anti- Fu initiate Lian to often grasp unremittingly and usually grasp and grasp over a long period of time, have to oppose a privilege thought, privilege phenomenon, have to thenike free 5.0 v4 women's shoe
whole partieses begin.Definitely disallow up have a policy, next have a counterplan, definitely disallow have already not made to go, have to forbid not only, definitely disallow to give discount, do a choice and make to improvise in carrying through to carry out decision deployment in the center.Enter the institutional cage inside to the power pass, formation don't dare the punishment mechanism of Fu, not ability guarding against of Fu the guarantee mechanism of mechanism, not easy Fu.-After near even week Yungkang be registered for the record a reviewing, Xi's next move where be the anti- Fu headed for?Momentary, the anti- Fu terminal point talks about,

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