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Independent National Energy Board Staff

work leading group, trying to establish a "do not want to rot, does not rot, not rot," the working mechanism.Since mid-April, the Energy Board issued two batches of corruption cases related to analytical material; under a thick 203 of the "Independent National Energy Board Staff Handbook" sent to the hands of the council each cadres and workers; asked all units. " leaders "to manage yourself, manage family and relatives, manage staffs; all related projects, funding approval and impede fair and honest thing, and resonike free run 2 online shop
lutely do not say hello, do not write notes, does not interfere in any way intervene. Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province recently exposed corruption Woan water system is quite attention on the Jiujiang City water department "in charge", down to the county water conservancy departments ordinary cadres in government and business collusion, bid rigging and other ways to profit water conservancy projects, resulting in has been called the "blank checks" in the water

sector, "water" is "muddy", as of September 2014, Jiujiang City water systems actually have 158 people involved in the case, the collection of discipline violations amounting to more than 76 million yuan.In recent years, water conservancy around frequently exposed corruption case, project bidding irregularities as one of the important reasons. Informed sources, "Economic Informationcheap nike free 6.0
Daily" reporters to disclose, in the field of hydraulic engineering, manipulating the bidding existence of multiple "tactics", a 3% -5% of the target amount of works out for "public relations", has already become the industry's unwritten "hidden rules." "Once you reach money, from project bidding, project acceptance, and other key aspects of project funds allocated, often all the way to the green." Experts warning areas of governance bidding corruption has become essential.Standard illegal resale profit company itself around 600 million yuan project OverviewJiujiang City, discipline inspection

"tailored" to set the threshold to achieve "carrot tender"; the overall project. "Piecemeal", so reach legal tender Project size criteria, and then take the nike free 5.0 V4 online

estimated that the retail price of 90 # gasoline and 0 # diesel oil (the national average) per liter respectively lower 0.1 yuan and 0.12 yuan. So far the year 13 times the price adjustment, this is the ninth cut prices.According to reports, in the third quarter (July to September) a total of seven times the price adjustment window, down five times, twice stranding, gasoline and diesel retail prices cumulative decline of nearly 800 yuan per ton, the market is falling wholesale prices, including national reconciliation 93 Wholesale prices fell nearly 200 yuan per ton # gasoline and 0 # diesel oil price decline over 400 yuan per ton, wholesale prices are the lowest in four years. "October" Golden Week is coming, first reported in BEIJING, "a number of Scenic Spots" post sparked heated debate, Anhui and other places

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