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Get some, Tebow!' All-Stars rooting for baseball's most popular minor

While not halfway through the Jason Kidd #5 Womens season using mathematical criteria, the All-Star break is the traditional midpoint: a respite from the day-to-day grind that provides an opportunity to look back and make some changes. For each of the 30 teams, I'm proposing one change, whether to the lineup or the staff or something that needs to be accomplished with deliberate speed. And since my nearly four decades of existence has … ersey.html led me to believe that people are not overly thrilled with backseat drivers, assume that all these moves are enforced by the threat of some kind of Doomsday Laser. Major League Baseball's best players were in Miami for the All-Star Game this week, just a two-hour drive away from Port St. Lucie, where a former NFL quarterback is trying to make his way through the minors. What do All-Stars think of Tim Tebow's baseball journey? We asked a few for their thoughts on what he has to do to keep moving up the New York Mets' minor league ranks and what Wade Boggs #26 Youth his chances are of playing at Citi Field in a couple of months. Charlie Blackmon, CF, Colorado Rockies: I'm always interested to see when his name pops up. I think Tim Tebow's a great guy. I don't really know him, but I think it's a great story. Nolan Arenado, 3B, Colorado Rockies: I'm pulling for him, to be honest with you. I want him to do well; I don't want to see him fail. You're gonna fail in baseball because it's baseball, but I wanna see him do well. Lance McCullers, SP, Houston Astros: For anyone to take that long off of baseball and do what he's doing -- he's a freak athlete, I know that for sure. I was committed to Florida when he was there and doing his thing, and I think there's not any doubt about his athletic ability. I saw … ersey.html he went to high-A and then hit a home run the next day. He seems to be doing well. Michael Conforto, CF, New York Mets: You always hear about when he hits a home run, when he makes a big play. It's pretty cool and inspiring, I guess, that he's been able to take this much time off and then have success in the minor leagues. I actually was down in high-A for a rehab assignment and I played with him. One thing I'll say about him is he always takes good at-bats. He's got a good eye, he doesn't chase, and I think really that's half the battle in the game of baseball as far as being a good hitter. With how much skill it takes to play this game, for him to take that much time off [and compete in the minor leagues] is pretty impressive. ... Having met him, I know he's genuine about it. He does want to play baseball. He's a great guy, and from what I know talking to players that play with him, he's a great teammate as well. Michael Fulmer, SP, Detroit Tigers: I see a lot of stuff on social media about it. I think it's awesome what he's doing. Obviously, he got promoted to St. Lucie, and knowing some of the coaching staff that are working with him, he's in good hands. I've kind of just been seeing what's popped up on Twitter, and Matt Belisle #9 Womens he's doing a good job. I think it's great for him to believe in his dream and try to follow it, try to get to the big leagues. Among the reasons you'll hear that baseball's All-Star Game was "better in my day" is this one: Between interleague play and increased player mobility, there's no longer any novelty to these matchups. Most of these guys have faced each other in the regular season. There's certainly some truth to that. In 1965, to pick an old year at random, there were a combined 80 plate appearances in the All-Star Game. Only 18 featured a batter and pitcher who had ever faced each other in the regular season or the World Series. Compare that with the 2017 All-Star Game, in which there were 78 matchups and 48 of them had happened before. On average, the batter in the box Tuesday had faced the pitcher on the mound three times before this week. Which is a big part of what Bryce Harper was getting at when he suggested a scrambled-up, mixed-leagues All-Star Game: "I could be facing Max Scherzer today. Nobody sees that." But let's not overstate the … ersey.html problem. There were 30 matchups Tuesday that had never happened before! All-Stars facing All-Stars for the first time, unprecedented star-on-star hostilities. Some of these matchups were relatively ehhh on paper, but at least one was the first time some future Hall of Famer faced some other future Hall of Famer, and we all watched it! So let's memorialize these 30 in ranked order. We gave each hitter and pitcher a 1-10 score based on interestingness and averaged them for a matchup score. We then gave the outcome a 1-10 score based on how well it delivered something worth seeing. Sum those two numbers for the overall matchup score.

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