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Love/Hate and everything I've ever wanted

"Be careful what you chase. You Authentic  Dennis Eckersley Youth jersey just might catch it." -- A "Lesterism" from my late, great uncle, Lester Gold. On the top floor of Building 4 at ESPN's Bristol, Connecticut, campus is an area known as the "Executive Level," where John Skipper and other members of the company's top management have offices. And as I stood outside the Executive Level in the spring of 2008, my heart was beating superfast. I had been at ESPN … ley-Jersey for about a year and this was my first time in this area. I had been granted a meeting with one of the high-up big muckety-mucks. And as I was called in, I wiped my palms on my pants, gulped and walked slowly into a very big office. We spoke about what the company had accomplished in fantasy sports over the past year and the many things we still needed to get to. I mentioned Fantasy Football Now, the Sunday morning show we had launched on and Mobile ESPN the previous year. The show had been successful from a critical and viewership perspective, even winning a Sports Emmy. He nodded. He knew all this and was complimentary. But now it was time. He looked at me, slightly impatiently. Like all big executives, he was short on time and wanted Tommy Hunter Youth jersey me to get to it. "I think ESPN should do a daily fantasy sports show," I said. This was before the advent of DFS, of course. I was talking about a Monday-through-Friday show on one of the networks. That was my pitch. That's why I was there. Would ESPN consider doing a half-hour devoted to fantasy sports every day? He thanked me for my passion, told me how important fantasy was to the company and that he'd discuss it with others, as the company would weigh this along with everything else it needed to accomplish given limited time and resources. Six months after that, I was back in his office and had the same meeting. And then six months after that. And then another six months after that. I kept at it for quite a while, trying to stay on top of it without being too annoying, checking in twice a year or so and trying to come up with some slightly different angle each time. The response was always … ter-Jersey the same: "Thanks for your passion. Let us discuss internally." Eventually, somewhere around 2011, I realized I had been at ESPN for five years. At some point you just have to take "no" for an answer. So I gave up. No more meetings, no more pitches, I figured if they ever decided they wanted to do something around fantasy on a weekday basis, they knew where to find me. I focused on the podcast, the column and the Sunday show, Fantasy Football Now And then, slowly, a funny thing happened. You know how, when you're single and looking, you can never find someone? And then the minute you say, "screw it" and stop looking -- like, genuinely stop looking -- that's when it happens? Same thing sorta happened here. Over the next five years the podcast, the column and Fantasy Football Now continued to grow. We added video to the podcast and that did well. And then, in the spring of 2016, I got a request to go see Norby Williamson, executive Authentic  Bo Jackson Youth jersey vice president for production at ESPN. I didn't really know Norby very well, other than the occasional "hi" in the hallway; we'd never had a chance to interact, so I was surprised by the invitation. But when an EVP ask you to meet, your only plausible answer is, "When and where?" And in a rare occurrence for me on the Executive Level, someone was now pitching me: "I want to do a 24-hour marathon in August, all about fantasy football. What do you think?" And he laid out for me his vision for the whole thing. I loved it, of course, and I'll be damned if ESPN didn't pull it off. The marathon ended up being 28 hours, actually, and Adam Schefter and I stayed up all 28 hours, appearing on TV every hour. It was only the most fun I've ever had on television. It did well for us on a lot of levels, including driving the two largest days of signups for ESPN Fantasy Football in our … son-Jersey
company's history. They did the marathon again this past spring for our Tournament Challenge game around the NCAA tournament and, well, the second annual Fantasy Football Marathon starts today. Adam and I, along with a cast of thousands, will once again get you everything you could possibly want to know about fantasy football this year and then, like, 15 more things. Lots of great surprises are in store. Tune in if you get a chance.

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