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Folk even mentioned that he was still adjusting to them.

"It's kind of like Miami in that way," Feely said. "In September games, you know you can get rain and you can get wind from a lot of those storms that are in either the Atlantic or the Gulf. But then the rest of the year, it's a great place to kick. When you look October through December, you're begging for those games when you look at your schedule. ... When you look at those northern cities, you're hoping you don't have games in late November and early December."
Forbath, who was with the Bucs during the 2012 preseason, also chimed in on Tampa's weather. "It’s windy, but there are other places that are windy and guys are successful. … c-512.html ... There [are] condition issues, but it’s warm, so the ball flies. I don’t know, they say there’s some curse with kickers there, but I think that’s not necessarily true."
Hollis encountered his own share of wind when he was with the Jaguars in Jacksonville. The key for him was to understand the weather Jon Casey Womens Jersey trends for each specific stadium and then focus on what he could control.
"Say you're kicking a 50-yard field goal. At the 40-yard line, the wind might be in your face, but 20, 30 yards down the field, it might not," Hollis said. "You can't focus on that. You can only focus on making a solid kick, and it should break right through the wind. The wind should not have any effect on it. If you're second-guessing yourself and kicking Jon Casey Womens Jersey carefully, that kick might not be so solid and the wind will take over and control it."
“We’ve seen Jon Casey Womens Jersey some good ones,” safety Tashaun Gipson said. “I do really, really, really, really like that name, though. It’s super cool. It’s a catchy name. ...
“You know, you’ve got to be original [but] at the same time it’s got to be catchy [like] No Fly Zone, the Legion of Boom. That name is just fitting and formal for us, so we like it. But again, we’re narrowing it down and hopefully by the end of this we sink it in stone, and then we’re going to let it roll.”
The Jaguars’ secondary -- Gipson, safety Barry Church, and cornerbacks Jalen Ramsey, A.J. Bouye and Aaron Colvin -- has been the team’s strength through the first five games. They’ve picked off a league-high 10 passes and also lead the league in opponents' passer rating (56.9). Bouye and Ramsey are Pro Football Focus’ two top-rated cornerbacks.
Four of the Jaguars’ single-game-record five interceptions against Pittsburgh last Sunday were by defensive backs. Gipson had two, and Ramsey and Church each had one. Church took his back 51 yards for a … ERSEY.html touchdown, the first interception return for a touchdown in his career.
It’s the best secondary in the league, so it’s natural the group wanted a nickname. Denver has the No Fly Zone, and Seattle the Legion of Boom, two pretty darn good nicknames. The Jaguars decided to get some help by asking its 512,000 Twitter followers to submit nicknames.
“It’s not just the DBs [who have played well]. It’s the linebackers, the D-line, the whole team. We’re just trying to come out there and just feed off each other’s energy and just keep making plays so we can make a run at this division and win the division and get in the playoffs and go from there.”
While it’s not official that the group is going with Jackson 5, there is one person who may have more sway over the others when it comes to a final decision.
“I was talking about it with my mother,” Gipson said. “She’s actually one of the participants who actually posts and tried to give out nicknames. She definitely has been involved with it, too. … t_id/49093 … maged.html … p;t=211487

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