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That leaves the kiddo big man mysteries

Bender and the hyper-athletic Chriss. Chriss … sey_Adidas has spent most of his brief career looking out of sorts. Authentic Rob Havenstein Jersey That stems partly from an awkward fit on offense with Chandler. Both are rim-runners, and they occasionally bump into each other down low. Chriss otherwise floats outside, honing his 3-point shot. He doesn't have much of an off-the-bounce game yet.
"He's stuck in no man's land a bit right now, in terms of going inside and out," Triano says. Chriss has the hops to be Authentic Rob Havenstein Jersey a fearsome rim protector on defense, but his feel lags miles behind his athleticism. He leaps at every pump fake, fouls the crap out of everyone, and is a hair slow on rotations. You can see the wheels turning.
"He's just a little jumpy right now," Triano says. "He wants to block every shot. It's just a matter of how to harness that energy."
Teams knew all of this ahead of the draft. Chriss' raw athleticism tempted a bunch of them, anyway; Phoenix wasn't the only team trying to trade up for him, sources say. Chriss has shown flashes of improved recognition, and Triano has installed sets that challenge him to pass on offense. "I think that's dope," Chriss says of the new plays.
The Suns experimented with Chriss as a small-ish center a bit last season, but it's unclear whether he can hold up. Bigger post threats -- Aldridge and Kristaps Porzingis in recent … c-463.html games -- absolutely bulldoze him. "Playing center wasn't my favorite," Chriss says. "I'm a power forward."
He can't dish it back on the other end yet. Defenses switch pick-and-rolls involving both Chriss and Bender, daring Phoenix to post them up against little guys. "They both have to get stronger," Triano says. "Taking a smaller guy down to the basket is going to be a big part of their development."
Phoenix picked Bender four spots above Chriss -- and three above Jamal Murray, a choice that looms larger now that Tyler Ulis and Mike James are their top two point guards. Bender was 18 when Phoenix selected him. His development was always going to be a long process.
On offense, Bender will probably be a complementary player who spots up, cans enough 3s, and blows by guys rushing to close out … ERSEY.html on him. Authentic Rob Havenstein Jersey He's a good passer already, with some quirky runners in his bag.
The 3-point shot hasn't come yet, but Bender is a teenager. Give it time. It's just unclear how dynamic he can be creating with the ball. He's not an explosive athlete.
It's hard to know exactly what these guys … lee-Jersey will become. They have the combined age of one Vince Carter. But you rebuild for stars. Most stars -- not all, but most -- reveal themselves early, in at least one skill. If you had to predict right now whether either Chriss or Bender would make two or more All-Star Games in Authentic Rob Havenstein Jersey their respective careers, the safer choice is probably "no" for both of them.
Phoenix isn't ready to have that discussion yet. The Suns are happy the melodramas are behind them, and they are ready to work. "We're moving on now," Booker says. "It feels good." … id=4475#p1 … mp;t=47662 … t10986.php

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