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Visa H1-B, its benefits and limitations

H1-B is one of the most sought-after US visas. Every year, the government receives thousands of H1-B applications. This non-immigrant visa allows US companies to recruit and employ graduate level workers in certain fields that require expertise, such
as IT, finance, mathematics, medicine and science. There are several benefits and limitations of H1-B. Some of these are as follows.

Benefits of H1-B Visa
Once you consult a leading Immigration Attorneys in San Diego, you will realize that H1-B is one of the best visas for non-immigrants. The biggest advantage of an H1-B visa is that there is no limit to such visas. This means that a non-immigrant can have multiple H1-B visas on their passports throughout their life.

As an H1-B professional, you can apply for a lawful permanent residency in the US. Such professionals have an option to apply for a Green Card. This option is not only valid for the H1-B professional, but also applies to his/her family.

In the event an employer cancels or terminates the employment contract of an H1-B applicant, the employer will have to bear reasonable cost of transportation so as to enable the applicant to go back to his/her country at the end of the authorized
employment period. However, the applicant need not go home. He/she has an option to stay in the US and switch to another non- immigrant status.

If you apply for a new job under the H1-B scheme, you will have to reapply for a new visa as well. The H-category allows you to
stay in US for a period of six years, irrespective of the fact that you’ve changed your employers during the period. Those who
arrived in US on an H-4 visa and got an H1-B status are given six years to stay in the US- commencing from the date they changed their status to H1-B.

Limitations of H1-B Visa
For all its benefits and charms, H1-B visa has certain limitations. If you’re moving to San Diego, it is best to consult an immigration attorney on the best visa scheme to opt for. This will help you make the smartest choice and secure a hassle-free way to a Green Card and permanent residence.

Since an H1-B visa is of a temporary nature, individuals who are seeking this visa need to show intent to stay in the US only temporarily. However, those who seek H1-B visas should not maintain any foreign residence as they can later apply for a Lawful Permanent Residence. In the event any petition for lawful permanent residence is not made or if the said petition is denied, then the H1-B worker will have to leave US and return to his/her come country towards the end of their authorized employment period.

There is an annual limit on the number of H1-B visas that are issued during a fiscal year. The current annual H1-B visa cap is 65,000. This annual cap rule applies to new H1-B applicants in a year and does not have any impact on H1-B status holders who are already in US either seeking extensions on their employment or opting for a change in employer.

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